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Complete Journal: Volume 17 Issue 1
Operational Amplifier Applications for Audio Systems
On the Interaction between Tracing Correction and a Bandwidth Limitation
Direct Radiator Loudspeaker Enclosures
Loudspeaker Phase Characteristics and Time Delay Distortion: Part 1
Effects of Intentional Interference with Speech Intelligibility
Feasibility of Automated Analysis of Phonocardiogram
Special Reproduce System for Independence Hall, Knott's Berry Farm
A Modular Audio Facilities Mixing System
Complete Journal: Volume 17 Issue 2
Loudspeaker Phase Characteristics and Time Delay Distortion: Part 2
No Coded Signals
Compatibility of Stereo Recordings and Monaural Playback
The Gain of a Sound System
Acoustical Modeling as a Tool in Problem Solving
Sound Reinforcement for Banquet Halls, Ballrooms and Conference Rooms
Mass Production of Prerecorded Tapes
On Better Aural Prosthesis
Thin Bilaminar Piezodisks Used as Microphone and Telephone Membranes
Acoustical Problems in Non-Verbal Communication
Magnetic Recording Tape: The Influence of the Magnetic Coating Thickness Upon Signal Parameters
Modulation Distortion in Loudspeakers
Complete Journal: Volume 17 Issue 3
Apparatus for Generating Serial Sound Structures
An Electronic Piano
Synchronous Television Sound Recording
Stereo/Mono Disc Compatibility: A Survey of the Problems
The Loudness Balance of Audio Broadcast Programs
Design of a Myoelectric Signal Conditioner
Some Promising New Techniques in Hearing Research
Applications of the Audio Operational Amplifier to Studio Use
Polyester and Acetate as Magnetic Tape Backings
High-Density Disc Recording Systems
Musical Flames
Musical Instruments with Electronic Amplification of Tone Modification
Electronic Speech Compression
Legal Aspects of Noise Control
Complete Journal: Volume 17 Issue 4
Comments on "Better Aural Prosthesis"
Electronic Music: Audio 1988
Home Entertainment: Audio 1988
Challenges in Communications: Audio 1988
Sound Reinforcement: Audio 1988
Some Techniques Toward Better Stereophonic Perspective
Performance Characteristics of the Commercial Stereo Disc
A New Concept for a Capstan Drive System for Professional and Home Tape Recorders
An FM Telemetry System for Transmitting Psycho-Physical Data
An Electronic Music Learning System
A Real-Time Multipartial Waveform Analyzer-Synthesizer
Some Characteristics of Junction FETs in the Linear Region
Comments on "Self-Contained Condenser Microphones" and Author's Reply
Comments on "Modulation Distortion in Loudspeakers" and Author's Reply
On the Control of Noise and Hearing Conservation
Complete Journal: Volume 17 Issue 5
Measuring a Tape Reproducer with IEC-Response, Using NAB-Response Test Tape
Use of Solid State Transducers in Mechanics and Acoustics
An Improved Theater Type Loudspeaker System
Design Parameters of a Dual Woofer Loudspeaker System
Experimental Determination of Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Parameters
The Ear as a Measuring Instrument
Music as a Source of Acoustic Trauma
Transducer Development for the Artificial Heart or Heart Assist Devices
-Symbiotic- R-Wave Monitor
Broadband Equalization of Small Meeting Rooms
Sound Amplification Systems for San Diego All American Stadium
A Differential Telephone Repeater Circuit
Comments on: -Better Aural Prosthesis-
On Better Speech Communication
Complete Journal: Volume 17 Issue 6
A Proposal for Updating the Half-Track Magnetic Tape Format
Standardization of 1/2 in. Master Tapes for Musicassette Production
Errata to: -Design Parameters of a Dual Woofer Loudspeaker System-
A Studio Tape Recorder of Novel Design
The Measurement and Subjective Assessment of Modulation Noise in Magnetic Recording
Calibration of Microphones by the Principles of Similarity and Reciprocity (A Reissue)
Talking and Listening Levels in Verbal Communication -- Importance of Specifying Parametric Values
Means for Visual Indication of the Overload Limit for Audio Power Amplifiers
A New Music and Sound Effects System for Theatrical Productions
A Trailerized Acoustic Shell for Outdoor Performances of Symphony Orchestra and Concert Opera
A Dual-Band Audio Limiter
Analyzing Loudspeaker Location for Sound Reinforcement Systems
Toward a More Accurate Spatial Environment
Further Comments on "Modulation Distortion in Loudspeakers"
Comments on "A New Concept for a Capstan Drive System for Professional and Audio Tape Recorders" and Author's Reply
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