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Complete Journal: Volume 16 Issue 1
A Means for Slide Projection Advance Control
A Simple Method for Phase Compensation in Tape Copying with Identical Tape Recorders
Audio Visual Engineering-A New Discipline?
The RIAA Engineering Committee
Sound at Expo '67
A Brief Review of EIA Standards in the Audio Field
The Role of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers in Audio Standardization
Protection of Amplifiers
Power Output and Power Dissipation in Class B Transistor Amplifiers
Integrated Circuits in Organs
Computer Control of Sound Apparatus for Electronic Music
Audio Facilities for the Audio Engineering Society Conventions
Extending Magnetic Head Life by Lapping Techniques
Audio Facilities for the Labyrinth Pavilion, Expo '67
Resistance-Capacitance Active Filters for Audio-Frequency Applications
Complete Journal: Volume 16 Issue 2
360° Conical Wavefront Loudspeaker for New York World's Fair
One Kilowatt Cylindrical Wavefront Loudspeaker with Folded, Modular Horn for New York World's Fair
Sound Systems at the Two New York World's Fairs
Audio-Synchronized Programmer for the Fountain of the Planets, 1964-1965 New York World's Fair
The Film Projector-Magnetic Reproducer Double Sound System at CBS Television Broadcast Center, New York
Phonovid-A System for Recording Television Pictures on Phonograph Records
The NAB Recording and Reproducing Standards
International Standards for Audio and Electroacoustics
The Influence of First and Second Formants on the Intelligibility of Clipped Speech
Tracking Ability Specifications for Phonograph Cartridges
The Charge Amplifier
A Miniature Condenser Microphone for Transient Measurements
Filtering RF Interference in Audio Equipment
Measurement of Wideband Flutter in Magnetic Tape Recorders
SCA Interference in FM Stereo Multiplex Decoders
Comments on -Design Condenser Microphone Evolution of a FET System- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 16 Issue 3
Errata to: -Sound Systems at The Two New York World's Fairs
Comments on "Factors Affecting the Stylus/Groove Relationship in Phonograph Playback Systems"
The Scanning Electron Microscope-A New Tool in Disc-Recording Research
Speed, Pitch and Timing Errors in Tape Recording and Reproducing
Longitudinal Noise in Audio Circuits
FCC Regulations Governing the Audio Fidelity Characteristics of FM Broadcast Equipment
The Standards Activities of the Institute of High Fidelity
Synchronous Sound for Motion Pictures
Conferencing with Pitch-Excited Channel Vocoders
A Completely Solid-State Audio-Follow Video Switching System
The Acoustic Treatment of Three Small Studios
Automatic Audio Level Control
Design Factors and Considerations in Full Complementary Symmetry Audio Power Amplifiers
An Improved Audiometric Earphone
Comments on "Sensitivity of Phonograph Turntables to Normal Loads" and Author's Reply
Comments on: "Hand Relapping of Tape Heads"
Comments on "-Phase Compensation in Tape Copying-"
Complete Journal: Volume 16 Issue 4
Comments on: "Filtering RF Interference in Audio Equipment"
Comments on "Phonovid-A System for Recording Television Pictures on Phonograph Records" and Author's Reply
Comments on and Corrections to: "Deformation Distortion in Disc Records"
A New Method of Measuring and Analyzing Intermodulation
Methodology for Acoustical Data Gathering
An Electronic Dummy for Acoustical Testing
A Procedure for the Segmentation of Connected Speech
Enhancement of Speech Intelligibility at High Noise Levels by Filtering and Clipping
A New Method for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Sound Amplification Systems in Reverberant Spaces
A Method for Analyzing Musical Tones
An Estimation of Annoyance Caused by Dropouts in Magnetically Recorded Music
A Tape Cassette Standard
The Statistics of Delayed Reflections
An Electronically Tunable Bandpass Filter
A Mobile Electroacoustic Laboratory
An Improved Automatic Level-Control Device
Electret Condenser Microphones of High Quality and Reliability
A Self-Contained Condenser Microphone with Improved Transient Response
Splicing Tapes and Their Proper Application
AES - Audio Engineering Society