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Complete Journal: Volume 15 Issue 1
Higher Speed Duplication of Eight-Track Tapes with Enhanced Dynamic Range
Adapting Stereo Tape to the Automotive Environment
Design Considerations of a New Continuous Tape Cartridge System
An 8-Track Stereo Cartridge for Automotive Use
The Compact-Cassette System for Audio Tape Recorders
Some Design Considerations of the 8-Track Endless Loop Magnetic Tape Cartridge and Player
Design Considerations for Magnetic Tape Used on Continuous Loop Cartridges
A Digital Computer for the Electronic Music Studio
A Self-Checking Audiometer
A Portable Transistorized Mixing Console for the Record Industry
Transistor Microphone Small Signal h Parameters
Two Noise Cancelling Microphones for Aircraft Use
An Anechoic Chamber with Blanket Wedge Construction
Automotive Eight-Track Stereo Tape Players
A Repeatable Technique for Listening Tests
Complete Journal: Volume 15 Issue 2
A Convenient Magnetic Tape Degausser
High Frequency Intermodulation Testing of Stereo Phonograph Pickups
On the Measurement of Rumble in Phonograph Reproduction
Audibility of Tape Dropouts
Tape Reproducer Response Measurements with a Reproducer Test Tape
Reproducer Test Tapes, Their Evolution and Manufacture
A Low-Noise Two-Wire Condenser Microphone Preamplifier
A Record-Level Indicator for Repetitive Transients
A High-Speed Transient Analyzer
Time Delay Units for Sound Reinforcement Systems
Improving the Reliability of Sound Systems
The Germanium Planar FET-A New Device for Radio Applications
Measurements of the Phase of the Stereophonic Subcarrier in FM Stereophonic Transmission
Theoretical and Practical Considerations in the Equalization of Sound Systems
A Transistorized Amplifier for a Condenser Microphone
Some Examples of Sound-System Correction of Acoustically-Difficult Rooms
Complete Journal: Volume 15 Issue 3
Absolute Flux and Frequency Response Characteristics in Magnetic Recording: Measurements, Definitions, and Standardization
Design Evolution of a FET Condenser Microphone System
Score-Drawing Program
A Comprehensive Sound Measurement Console
An Ultra-Low Distortion Direct-Current Amplifier
A Practical Ear Enclosure with Selectively Coupled Volume
Linear Microelectronics in the Implementation of Audio Control Functions
A VOX System for Operation at High and Variable Ambient Levels
Audio in a Video World
Development of a Tab for Eight-Track Splicing and Sensing
Complete Journal: Volume 15 Issue 4
Tone Generation with Multiple Synchronous and Non-Synchronous RC Oscillators
Acoustical Measurements by Time Delay Spectrometry
An Audio Noise Reduction System
Factors Affecting the Needle/Groove Relationship in Phonograph Playback Systems
Survey of Methods for Measuring Speech Quality
A Comparison of Two Types of Digitized Autocorrelation Vocoders
Information Content of a Sound Spectrogram
A Limited-Vocabulary Adaptive Speech-Recognition System
Directional Microphones
A New Concert Violin
Miniature Audio Amplifiers
Sensitivity of Phonograph Turntables to Normal Loads
Operating Levels in the Duplication of Philips Cassette Records
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