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Complete Journal: Volume 14 Issue 1
Errata: On Durations of Attack Transients of Nonpercussive Orchestral Instruments
An All-FORTRAN Music-Generating Computer Program
Dropouts at Low Tape Speeds
A Program for the Real-Time Generation of Musical Sounds
A Seminar in Electronic Music Composition
Protection Against Shock and Vibration
The Method and Meaning of Acoustical Measurement of Telephonic Transmitters
Real Voice Microphone Calibration as a Utility Laboratory Method
Self-Calibrating Condenser Microphones with Integrated r-f Circuitry for Acoustical Measurements
A Simple, Accurate Audio Method of Battery Condition Measurement
Solid State R-C Oscillator Design for Audio Use
Continuous Delay Regulator for Controlling Recording Errors
Audio Analgesia Brought Up-To-Date
Complete Journal: Volume 14 Issue 2
Further Remarks on -Stylus Mass and Elliptical Points-
Errata to -Protection AGainst Shock and Vibration-
A Practical Network for Weighted Noise Measurements
On Tape Cutting Standards
Acoustical Design Considerations of the Houston Astrodome Sports Arena
Equalization of the Sound System in the Harris County Domed Stadium
Sound Systems for Orchestra and Grand Opera
Field Effect Transistors in Audio Preamplifiers
High Quality Microphone Amplifiers for Professional Applications Using FETs
Miniature Batteries for Miniaturized Applications
Performance Measurement on Ear-Level Hearing Aids
Duration and Frequency Alteration
Experimental Music with the -Subharchord- Subharmonic Sound Generator
Optimizing the Dynamic Characteristics of a Phonograph Pickup
Stylus Mass and Elliptical Points
Comments on -Passive and Active Acoustics in Architectural Enclosures- and Author's Reply
Skew Sampler Construction: Interim Report
Concerning -Real Voice Microphone Calibration as a Utility Laboratory Method- and Author's Response
Acousti-Architectural Considerations in the Harris County Domed Stadium
Complete Journal: Volume 14 Issue 3
Errata to: -Stylus Mass and Elliptical Points-
Live Announcement Record-Reproduce Facilities for Airport Audio Communication Systems
Behavior of Sound System Response Immediately Below Feedback
Behind the Actor's Back
Deformation Distortion in Disc Records
Absolute Calibration of Pickups and Records
The CBS Type 8A Field Audio Console
Human Integration of Concurrent Audio and Visual Message
Research Towards a High Efficiency Voice Communication System
A New Low-Noise Condenser Microphone
Two-Way Cardioid Microphone
The Application of Reverberant Field Measurements to the Evaluation of Loudspeakers and Microphones
A Solid State High Frequency Compression Horn
Note on Echo Perception
Complete Journal: Volume 14 Issue 4
Corrections for Two-Way Cardioid Microphone
A Solid State Transient Test Signal Generator
Instrumentation Trends for Noise Reduction Work, as Seen by a Mechanical Engineer
Instrumenting the Subjective Measurement of Product Noise
Transistor Amplifier Design Considerations when Dealing with Multiple Sources of Supply
Pitfalls in Hearing Aid Response Curves
Acoustic Requirements of Stereo Recording Studios
Development of Horn-Type Moving Coil Driver Unit
Additive Synthesis of Harmonic Musical Tones
Multiple Speed Tape Duplicating
Frequency Response Index for Audio Systems
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