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Complete Journal: Volume 13 Issue 1
Errata to: -Advanced Tape Mastering System: Electronic Features-
Circuits of Transistorized rf Condenser Microphones
A Low-Noise Transistorized Tape Playback Amplifier
A Survey of Performance Requirements and Design Techniques for Highest Quality FM Multiplex Reception
Design Considerations for Silicon Transistors in AM/FM Multiplex Receivers
A Minimum Rider Circuit for Noise Immunity in a Stereo FM Demodulator
A Technical Contribution to Permit the Addition of Stereo to Mass-Market FM Receivers
Dynamic Range Problems in Transistorized FM Receivers
History and Current Status of Miniature Variable-Reluctance Balanced-Armature Transducers
Precise Performance Measurements on a New Sound Recording Tape
An Optical Aid for Designing Loudspeaker Clusters
Low-Frequency Response and Efficiency Relationships in Direct-Radiator Loudspeaker Systems
The Brandeis University Electronic Music Studio
Complete Journal: Volume 13 Issue 2
Letter: -Regarding the Brandeis University Electronic Music Studio- and Author's Response
The Sound System at the New York State Theater
A New Method of Disc Recording for Reproduction with Reduced Distortion: The Tracing Simulator
The Response of Loudspeakers to Tone Bursts
Electrical Loading Networks for Stereo Phonograph Cartridge Transducers
Design and Use of Recording Styli
An Improved Disc for Master Recording
Interaction of Tracing and Tracking Error
An Integrated Electronic Music Console
Intensities of Orchestral Instrument Scales Played at Prescribed Dynamic Markings
On the Phase Mismatch of a Stereophonic Signal
Record Contamination: Causes and Cure
Acoustical Considerations Concerning New York State Theater
Complete Journal: Volume 13 Issue 3
Duration of Attack Transients of Nonpercussive Orchestral Instruments
Voltage Controlled Electronic Music Modules
Transistor Microphone
The Use of Noise Cancellation in Modern Telephone Practice and Design
A 200-Watt Solid State Stereo Amplifier
High-Power, Low-Frequency Loudspeakers
The Sound System for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics
Construction of Tracing Correlator Waveforms
Techniques for Measuring the Vertical Tracking Angle of Stereophonic Phonograph Pickups
The New NAB Tape Standards
Misinterpretation of Vertical Tracing Error
Complete Journal: Volume 13 Issue 4
Regarding the Integrated Electronic Music Console of the University of Illinois (Comments on -An Integrated Electronic Music Console-) and Author's Reply
Calibration of Microphones, Vibration Pickups, and Earphones
A Procedure for Controlling Room-Ring Modes and Feedback Modes in Sound Systems with Narrow-Band Filters
Improving Headphone Listening Comfort
An Inertial, Tissue-Contact Type Microphone-Reproducer Unit for Deep Submergence Communications
Passive and Active Acoustics in Architectural Enclosures
Power Bandwidth, Frequency Response, and Music Spectra
Transient Response and Phase Equalization in Magnetic Recorders
A New Solid State Amplifier for Studio and Broadcast Use
A Program Distortion Monitor
Instruments for Record Cleaning
A Power Supply for Transistor-Type Amplifiers
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