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Complete Journal: Volume 12 Issue 1
On Cutting-Angle Compensation
Audio Aids and Commission Policy
Integrated Treatment of Tracing and Tracking Error
Parametric Input Stages in Electroacoustics, Part 1: Low Noise Playback Amplifier in Magnetic Recording
Dependence of Timbre on the Tonal Loudness Produced by Musical Instruments
Magnetic Tape Cartridges
A New Magnetic Tape with Greater Dynamic Range
Unitized Stereophonic Loudspeaker with Acoustically Augmented Separation of the Sound Sources
A Study of SCA Interference in Stereo FM Receivers
A Report on the Proposed NAB Disc and Playback Standard
Mixing and Bridging Techniques
Vibrato and Tremolo Re-Examined
Measurement of Distortions Due to Vertical Tracking Angle Errors in Stereodisk Systems
Complete Journal: Volume 12 Issue 2
Location of Sound Sources
Transistor Oscillators
Psychoacoustics, the Determining Factor in Stereo Disc Distortion
Interrelation of Speaker and Amplifier Design
Condenser Microphones with Electret Foil
A Pilot Phase Monitor for FM Stereophonic Broadcasting
Mechanical Damping in Tape Transports
Techniques in Processing Large Quantities of Audio Spectrum Analysis Data
Linguistic Problems in Extraterrestrial Communications
Further Comments on: -Measurement of Distortions in Stereodisk Systems-
The RCA Victor DYNAGROOVE System
Complete Journal: Volume 12 Issue 3
The Westrex 3D StereoDisk System
Parametric Amplifiers Used in Electroacoustics, Part 2: The Condenser Microphone Amplifier with Semiconductor Elements
FM Stereo Receiver Performance as a Function of Pilot Circuit Design
A Preliminary Experiment on the Perceptual Basis for Musical Instrument Families
Single-Ended Wide-Range Electrostatic Tweeters with High Efficiency and Improved Dynamic Range
On the Damping of Phonograph Styli
Recording Aircraft Noise to 100 kc
Intermodulation Distortion Measurement
The Measurement of Instantaneous Speed Stability of Instrumentation-Type Magnetic Tape Transport Systems
A Method for Raising the Load Capability of Stereo Cutters
Trends in Loudspeaker Magnet Structure
An Electronic Music Studio for the Independent Composer
Functionalized Listening Facility for the Multilingual Auditorium
A Successful Re-Slitter for Magnetic Tape
Complete Journal: Volume 12 Issue 4
Some Phase Considerations in Sound Locating Procedure
Performance and Reliability Requirements for a Master Tape Recorder
Noise Limitations in Tape Reproducers
Dynamic Range Limitations in Tape Recording
Advanced Tape Mastering System: Electronic Features
Advanced Tape Mastering System: Mechanical Features
Techniques for Achieving Wide Dynamic Range in Magnetic Recorders
On Tracking and Tracing Error Measurement
A New Multi-Deck Broadcast Audio Tape Cartridge System
A Custom Studio Recording Console
Spoken Digit Recognizer for the Japanese Language
Epilogue on Measurements
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