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Complete Journal: Volume 1 Issue 1
Binaural Disc Recording
A New Professional Magnetic Recording Tape
Grounding, Shielding, and Isolation
Consideration of Some Factors Concerning the Use of Audio Transformers
Bypass and Decoupling Circuits in Audio Design
Resistance-Capacitance Networks in Amplifier Design
Attenuation Equalizers
Network Transformations
Analyzing the Long-Playing Pickup Problem
Binaural Sound Reproduction at Home
Testing and Adjusting Speaker Installations with the Sound-Survey Meter
Constant-Current Operation of Power Amplifiers
Concert-Hall Realism Through the Use of Dynamic Level Control
Journal Authors, Volume 1, Number 1
A New Pocket Wire Recorder
Musical Therapy
Some Consideration Regarding Volume Production of Electronic Musical Instruments
Gun-Shot Reinforcers and Synthesizers
Methods of Measuring Surface Induction of Magnetic Tape - Actually Surface Flux
The Deposited-Carbon Resistor: An Essential Component of Good Audio Design Practice
Electrolytic Capacitors, Why and When
Choice of Electron Tubes for Audio Circuits
Review of New Printed Circuit Development and Audio-Frequency Applications
Intermodulation Measurements
Measurement of Nonlinear Distortion
Comparative Study of Methods for Measuring Nonlinear Distortion in Broadcasting Audio Facilities
Distortion in Phonograph Reproduction
Basic Problems in Audio Systems Practice
Audio-Frequency Input Circuits
Attenuator Types and Their Application
The Design of Speech Input Consoles for Television
Complete Journal: Volume 1 Issue 2
Some Audio Considerations in Air Control Towers
History and Development of Stereophonic Sound Recording
An Adventure in Microphone Design
Modern Methods of Filter Design
The Vibrating String as an Audio-Frequency Circuit Element
The Application of Printed Circuits and Miniaturized Assemblies to Audio Amplifiers and Equipment
A Condenser Microphone for Quantitative Determinations of Ballistic Shock-Wave Intensities
A Low-Noise FM Recording System
Aircraft Public Address System Operation under High-Level Ambient Noise Conditions
Journal Authors, Volume 1, Number 2
Complete Journal: Volume 1 Issue 3
Journal Authors, Volume 1, Number 3
Structure and Performance of Magnetic Transducer Heads
New High-Grade Condenser Microphones
A Variable-Speed Distributor System for Synchronizing Out-of-Sync Pictures and Sound Tracks
A Novel Audio Sweep Generator
The Amplifier and Its Place in the High-Fidelity System
Two Ears in Three Dimensions
A Variable Inductor
Review of New Materials and Techniques in High-Fidelity Transformer Design
Complete Journal: Volume 1 Issue 4
Design of an Electrostatic Loudspeaker
Design Factors in Horn-Type Speakers
A New Transformerless Amplifier Circuit
A Stereodynamic Multichannel Amplifier for Single or Binaural Input
A New 30-Watt Power Amplifier
Audio and Interior Decor
Decorating the Home with Music
A Composite Recording System for Studio or High-Fidelity Applications
Audio Automatic Volume Control Systems
A New Business Office Dictating Machine Using Magnetic Tape as Recording Medium
Effect of High-Frequency Pre-Emphasis on Groove Shape
Journal Authors, Volume 1, Number 4
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