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Time-Frequency Analysis of Loudspeaker Sound Power Impulse Response
Low-Delay Transform Coding Using the MPEG-H 3D Audio Codec
Dialog Control and Enhancement in Object-Based Audio Systems
Frequency-Domain Parametric Coding of Wideband Speech–A First Validation Model
Proportional Parametric Equalizers—Application to Digital Reverberation and Environmental Audio Processing
Comparison of Parallel Computing Approaches of a Finite-Difference Implementation of the Acoustic Diffusion Equation Model
An Improved and Generalized Diode Clipper Model for Wave Digital Filters
LabVIEW as a Music Synthesizer Laboratory Learning Environment
A Model for International and Industry-Engaged Collaboration and Learning
From Creativity to Science and Back Again: Supporting Audio Students Through Active Teaching Approaches
The Use of Digital Reverberation Projects to Teach Audio Signal Processing
Audio Recording and Production Education: Skills New Hires Have and Where They Reported Learning Them
Case Study: Expanding Audio Production Facilities at Ohio University to Accommodate Student Needs
Predicting the Acoustic Power Radiation from Loudspeaker Cabinets: A Numerically Efficient Approach
New Method to Detect Rub and Buzz of Loudspeakers Based on Psychoacoustic Sharpness
Modal Impedances and the Boundary Element Method: An Application to Horns and Ducts
Comparison of Loudness Features for Automatic Level Adjustment in Mixing
Audibility Threshold of Auditory-Adapted Exponential Transfer-Function Smoothing (AAS) Applied to Loudspeaker Impulse Responses
Developing a Timbrometer: Perceptually-Motivated Audio Signal Metering
A Method of Equal Loudness Compensation for Uncalibrated Listening Systems
Headphone Response: Target Equalization Trade-offs and Limitations
A Headphone Measurement System Covers both Audible Frequency and beyond 20 kHz
Measurements of Acoustical Speaker Loading Impedance in Headphones and Loudspeakers
Efficiency Investigation of Switch-Mode Power Audio Amplifiers Driving Low Impedance Transducers
Self-Oscillating 150 W Switch-Mode Amplifier Equipped with eGaN-FETs
Wind Noise Measurements and Characterization Around Small Microphone Ports
Detection of High-Frequency Harmonics in a Complex Tone
Towards a Perceptual Model of “Punch” in Musical Signals
Factors That Influence Listeners’ Preferred Bass and Treble Levels in Headphones
Identifying and Validating Program Material: A Hyper-Compression Perspective
Validation of Experimental Methods to Record Stimuli for Microphone Comparisons
Wideband Compression Driver Design, Part 1: A Theoretical Approach to Designing Compression Drivers with Non-Rigid Diaphragms
Time/Phase Behavior of Constant Beamwidth Transducer (CBT) Circular-Arc Loudspeaker Line Arrays
Progressive Degenerate Ellipsoidal Phase Plug
Low Impedance Voice Coils for Improved Loudspeaker Efficiency
Effectiveness of Exotic Vapor-Deposited Coatings on Improving the Performance of Hard Dome Tweeters
Wideband Compression Driver Design. Part 2, Application to a High Power Compression Driver with a Novel Diaphragm Geometry
Dual Diaphragm Asymmetric Compression Drivers
In-Vehicle Audio System Sound Quality Preference Study
Adapting Audio Quality Assessment Procedures for Engineering Practice
Perception and Automated Assessment of Audio Quality in User Generated Content
Compensating for Tonal Balance Effects Due to Acoustic Cross Talk Removal while Listening with Headphones
The Use of Microphone Level Balance in Blending the Timbre of Horn and Bassoon Players
101 Mixes: A Statistical Analysis of Mix-Variation in a Dataset of Multi-Track Music Mixes
Robust MPEG-4 High-Efficiency AAC With Fixed- and Variable-Length Soft-Decision Decoding
Extension of Monaural to Stereophonic Sound Based on Deep Neural Networks
Nonnegative Tensor Factorization-Based Wind Noise Reduction
Detection and Removal of the Birdies Artifact in Low Bit-Rate Audio
Using Cascaded Global Optimization for Filter Bank Design in Low Delay Audio Coding
Effect of Reverberation on Overtone Correlations in Speech and Music
Stacked Modulation in a Hall Reverberation Algorithm
Efficient Multi-Band Digital Audio Graphic Equalizer with Accurate Frequency Response Control
Real-Time Morphing of Impact Sounds
Using Pure Data as a Game Audio Engine
A Model for the Impulse Response of Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers and Multi-Actuator Panels
Loudspeaker Rocking Modes (Part 1: Modeling)
Active Transducer Protection Part 1: Mechanical Overload
Horns Near Reflecting Boundaries
State-Space Modeling of Loudspeakers Using Fractional Derivatives
Comparative Static and Dynamic FEA Analysis of Single and Dual Voice Coil Midrange Transducers
Lossless Audio Checker: A Software for the Detection of Upscaling, Upsampling, and Transcoding in Lossless Musical Tracks
Comparison of Audio Signals Obtained with Source Overlay (OAS) and Other Conventional Recording Methods
Process Improvement in Audio Production from a Sociotechnical Systems Perspective
Listener Preference for Height Channel Microphone Polar Patterns in Three-Dimensional Recording
Listener Discrimination of High-Speed Digitization from Analog Tape Masters with Spectral Matching
Comparison of Techniques for Binaural Navigation of Higher-Order Ambisonic Soundfields
Estimation of Individual HRIRs Based on SPCA from Impulse Responses Acquired in Ordinary Sound Fields
Height Perception in Ambisonic Based Binaural Decoding
An HRTF Database for Virtual Loudspeaker Rendering
Influence of Energy Distribution on Elevation Judgments
Influence of Spectral Energy Distribution on Subjective Azimuth Judgments
Subjective Diffuseness in Layer-Based Loudspeaker Systems with Height
Echo Canceler for Real-Time Audio Communication with Wave Field Reconstruction
On the Performance of Acoustic Intensity-Based Source Localization with an Open Spherical Microphone Array
A Microphone Array for Recording Music in Surround-Sound with Height Channels
Exploring 3D: A Subjective Evaluation of Surround Microphone Arrays Catered for Auro-3D Reproduction Systems
Three Dimensional Spatial Techniques in 22.2 Multichannel Surround Sound for Popular Music Mixing
On the Use of a Lebedev Grid for Ambisonics
ISO/MPEG-H 3D Audio: SAOC 3D Decoding and Rendering
Auditory Distance Rendering Using a Standard 5.1 Loudspeaker Layout
Spatial Sound Attributes—Development of a Common Lexicon
Towards a MATLAB Toolbox for Imposing Speech Signal Impairments Following the P.TCA Schema
The Influence of Dumping Bias on Timbral Clarity Ratings
Method for Objective Evaluation of Nonlinear Distortion
Subjective and Objective Measurements of Speech Loudness in Hands-Free Telephony—Toward an Extended Loudness Model for Telephonometry
Investigation on the Phantom Image Elevation Effect
The Impact of Subgrouping Practices on the Perception of Multitrack Music Mixes
MixViz: A Tool to Visualize Masking in Audio Mixes
Sound Capture Technical Parameters of Colombian Folk Music Instruments for Virtual Sound Banks Use
Vocal Clarity in the Mix: Techniques to Improve the Intelligibility of Vocals
Affective Potential in Vocal Production
Capturing the Elevation Dependence of Interaural Time Difference with an Extension of the Spherical-Head Model
Temporal Reliability of Subjectively Selected Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) in a Non-Eliminating Discrimination Task
Plane-Wave Decomposition with Aliasing Cancellation for Binaural Sound Reproduction
Modeling ITDs Based on Photographic Head Information
Recalibration of Virtual Sound Localization Using Audiovisual Interactive Training
Analysis and Experiment on Summing Localization of Two Loudspeakers in the Median Plane
Immersive Audio Content Creation Using Mobile Devices and Ethernet AVB
Application of Object-Based Audio for Automated Mixing of Live Football Broadcast
Personal Adaptive Tuning of Mobile Computer Audio
Audio Effects Data on the Semantic Web
Speech Music Discrimination Using an Ensemble of Biased Classifiers
Multi-Criteria Decision Aid Analysis of a Musification Approach to the Auditory Display of Micro-Organism Movement
An Overview of an Online Audio Electronics Curriculum Offered at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
Environments for Evaluation: The Development of Two New Rooms for Subjective Evaluation
Low Frequency Behavior of Small Rooms
Measuring Sound Field Diffusion: SFDC
Estimating the Total Sound Power of Loudspeakers
Loudness Matching Multichannel Audio Program Material with Listeners and Predictive Models
Dynamic Range and Loudness Control in MPEG-H 3D Audio
Implementing the Radiation Characteristics of Musical Instruments in a Psychoacoustic Sound Field Synthesis System
New Techniques for Sound Motion and Display in a 52.1 Surround Sound Hall
Physical Properties of Modal Beamforming in the Context of Data-Based Sound Reproduction
The Vertical Precedence Effect: Utilizing Delay Panning for Height Channel Mixing in 3D Audio
Sample-Rate Variance across Portable Digital Audio Recorders
Advancing Forensic Analysis of Gunshot Acoustics
Forensic Sound Analyses of Cellular Telephone Recordings
Loudness: A Function of Peak, RMS, and Mean Values of a Sound Signal
A Connection Management System to Enable the Wireless Transmission of MIDI Messages
Robust Audio Fingerprinting for Multimedia Recognition Applications
From Studio to Stage
Some Effects of Speech Signal Characteristics on PA System Performance and Design
Directivity-Customizable Loudspeaker Arrays Using Constant-Beamwidth Transducer (CBT) Overlapped Shading
A Novel Approach to Large-Scale Sound Reinforcement Systems
Some Observations on Vinegar Syndrome
Hybrid Channel-Object Approach for Cinema Post-Production Using Particle Systems
Measurement of Low Frequencies in Rooms
Subjective Listening Tests for Preferred Room Response in Cinemas-Part 1: System and Test Descriptions
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