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A Performance Ranking of Seven Different Types of Loudspeaker Line Arrays
A Reliable Procedure for Polarity Measurements on Line Arrays
Calculating Time Delays of Multiple Active Sources in Live Sound
Coherent Superposition of Acoustic Sources as a Function of Environmental Parameters
Optimizing the Controls of Homogeneous Loudspeaker Arrays
Perceptual Dimensions of Stage-Floor Vibration Experienced During a Musical Performance
Language Scrambling for In-Game Voice-Chat Applications
Speech Referenced Limiting: Controlling the Loudness of a Signal with Reference to Its Speech Loudness
Individually Adjustable Signal Processing Algorithms for Improved Speech Intelligibility with Cochlear Implants
Objective Evaluation of Wideband Speech Codecs for Voice Communication Over Bluetooth
Speech Synthesis Controlled by Eye Gazing
Voice Samples Recording and Speech Quality Assessment for Forensic and Automatic Speaker Identification
Methods for Extending Room Impulse Responses Beyond Their Noise Floor
On the Use of Ultrasound Transducer Arrays to Account for Time-Variance on Room Acoustics Measurements
Impulse Response Measurements in the Presence of Clock Drift
Quasi-Anechoic Loudspeaker Measurement Using Notch Equalization for Impulse Shortening
Estimating Room Impulse Responses from Recorded Balloon Pops
Complex Modulation Transfer Function and Its Applications in Transducer and Room Acoustics Measurements
Practical Implementation of Perceptual Rub & Buzz Distortion and Experimental Results
Measurement of Turbulent Air Noise Distortion in Loudspeaker Systems
The Loudness War: Background, Speculation, and Recommendations
Subjective Evaluation of Gating Methods for Use with the ITU-R BS.1770 Loudness Algorithm
Comparing Continuous Subjective Loudness Responses and Computational Models of Loudness for Temporally Varying Sounds
Measuring Dynamics: Comparing and Contrasting Algorithms for the Computation of Dynamic Range
Dynamic Range Control for Audio Signals Using Fourth-Order Level Estimation
A Robust Audio Feature Extraction Algorithm for Music Identification
The Low Complexity MP3 Multichannel Audio Decoding System
The hArtes CarLab: A New Approach to Advanced Algorithms Development for Automotive Audio
Real-Time Speech Visualization System for Speech Training and Diagnosis
Underdetermined Binaural 3-D Sound Localization of Simultaneous Active Sources
Wireless Multisensor Monitoring of the Florida Everglades: A Pilot Project
Digitally Enhanced Shotgun Microphone with Increased Directivity
Conversion of Two Closely Spaced Omnidirectional Microphone Signals to an XY Stereo Signal
Determined Source Separation for Microphone Recordings Using IIR Filters
An Improved Beryllium Dome Diaphragm Assembly for Large Format Compression Drivers
Point-Source Loudspeaker Reversely-Attached Acoustic Horn: Improvement of Acoustic Characteristics and Application to Some Measurements
Ironless Motor Loudspeaker: Quantization of the Subjective Enhanced Sound Quality
Air Velocity and Pressure Profiles in the Front of an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker
New Techniques for Evaluating Audio Amplifiers via Measuring for Induced Wow and Flutter and Differential Phase Distortions
Analysis of Two-Pole Compensation in Linear Audio Amplifiers
A Robust Pseudo-Ternary Modulation Scheme for Filter-Less Digital Class D Amplifiers
Switching/Linear Hybrid Audio Power Amplifiers for Domestic Applications, Part 1: The Class-B•D Amplifier
Near and Far-field Control of Focused Sound Radiation Using a Loudspeaker Array
A Real Time Implementation of a Novel Psychoacoustic Approach for Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Solo Plucked String Sound Detection by the Energy-To-Spectral Flux Ratio (ESFR)
Separation of Repeating and Varying Components in Audio Mixtures
High Quality Time-Domain Pitch Shifting Using PSOLA and Transient Preservation
A Digital-Domain Listening Test for High-Resolution
Variance in Level Preference of Balance Engineers: A Study of Mixing Preference and Variance Over Time
Evaluation of Super-Wideband Speech and Audio Codecs
Subjective Listening Tests and Neural Correlates of Speech Degradation in Case of Signal-Correlated Noise
MPEG-A Professional Archival Application Format and Its Application for Audio Data Archiving
A Reverberator with Two-Stage Decay and Onset Time Controls
Guitar-to-MIDI Interface: Guitar Tones to MIDI Notes Conversion Requiring No Additional Pickups
A Mixed Mechanical/Digital Approach for Sound Beam Pointing with Loudspeakers Line Array
The Non-Flat and Continually Changing Frequency Response of Multiband Compressors
Volterra Series Based Distortion Effect
Virtual Acoustic Prototyping—Practical Applications for Loudspeaker Development
Simulation of Horn Driver Response by Combination of Matrix Analysis and FEA
Dynamic Motion of the Corrugated Ribbon in a Ribbon Microphone
Modeling of Leaky Acoustic Tube for Narrow-Angle Directional Microphone
Modeling Viscoelasticity of Loudspeaker Suspensions Using Retardation Spectra
Physical Modeling and Synthesis of Motor Noise for Replication of a Sound Effects Library
Measures and Parameter Estimation of Triodes for the Real-Time Simulation of a Multi-Stage Guitar Preamplifier
ZFIT: A MATLAB Tool for Thiele-Small Parameter Fitting and Optimization
Assessing Virtual Teleconferencing Rooms
Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Telepresence Systems
Early Energy Conditions in Small Rooms and in Convolutions of Small-Room Impulse Responses
A Convolution-Based System for Virtual Acoustic Support of Performing Musicians
Simulating Hearing Loss in Virtual Training
OpenAIR: An Interactive Auralization Web Resource and Database
Neutral-Point Oscillation Control Based on a New Audio Space Vector Modulation (A-SVM) for DCI-NPC Power Amplifiers
Vacuum Tube Amplifiers Using Electronic DC Transformers
The Single Stereo Display Compared to Stereo VU Meters
Frequency Characteristics Measurements of Cylindrical Record Player by the Pulse-Train Method
Seeing Sound: Sound Sensor Array with Optical Outputs
Effects of Oversampling on SNR Using Swept-Sine Analysis
Rapid In-Place Measurements of Multichannel Venues
Ground Loops: The Rest of the Story
Coaxial Flat Panel Loudspeaker System with Dynamic Push-Pull Drive
A Novel Universal-Serial-Bus-Powered Digitally Driven Loudspeaker System with Low Power Dissipation and High Fidelity
Loudspeaker Rub Fault Detection by Means of a New Nonstationary Procedure Test
Contributions to the Improvement of the Response of a Pleated Loudspeaker
Exploring the Ultra-Directional Acoustic Response of an Electret Cell Array Loudspeaker
A Soundfield Microphone Using Tangential Capsules
A 2-Way Loudspeaker Array System with Pseudorandom Spacing for Music Concerts
Why Ambisonics Does Work
Design of Ambisonic Decoders for Irregular Arrays of Loudspeakers by Non-Linear Optimization
Discrete Driving Functions for Horizontal Reproduction Using Wave Field Synthesis and Higher Order Ambisonics
Reducing Artifacts of Focused Sources in Wave Field Synthesis
On the Anti-Aliasing Loudspeaker for Sound Field Synthesis Employing Linear and Circular Distributions of Secondary Sources
The Relationship between Sound Field Reproduction and Near-Field Acoustical Holography
Surround Sound with Height in Games Using Dolby Pro Logic IIz
Optimal Location and Orientation for Midrange and High Frequency Loudspeakers in the Instrument Panel of an Automotive Interior
Maintaining Sonic Texture with Time Scale Compression by a Factor of 100 or More
Sound Texture Analysis Based on a Dynamical Systems Model and Empirical Mode Decomposition
An Improved Audio Watermarking Scheme Based on Complex Spectral Phase Evolution Spectrum
About This Dereverberation Business: A Method for Extracting Reverberation from Audio Signals
Automatic Recording Environment Identification Using Acoustic Features
Automatic Music Production System Employing Probabilistic Expert Systems
Musical Eliza: An Automatic Musical Accompany System Based on Expressive Feature Analysis
A Time Distributed FFT for Efficient Low Latency Convolution
An Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) Hilbert Transformer Design Technique for Audio
Automatic Parallelism for Dataflow Graphs
The Design of Low-Complexity Wavelet-Based Audio Filter Banks Suitable for Embedded Platforms
Application of Optimized Inverse Filtering to improve Time Response and Phase Linearization in Multi-way Loudspeaker Systems
Filter Design for a Double Dipole Flat Panel Loudspeaker System Using Time Domain Toeplitz Equations
A Low Complexity Approach for Loudness Compensation
MPEG Spatial Audio Object Coding—The ISO/MPEG Standard for Efficient Coding of Interactive Audio Scenes
Modification of HRTF Filters to Reduce Timbral Effects in Binaural Synthesis, Part 2: Individual HRTFs
On the Improvement of Auditory Accuracy with Non-Indivisualized HRTF-Based Sounds
Processing and Improving a Head-Related Impulse Response Database for Auralization
Stimulus-Dependent HRTF Preference
Comparison between Spherical Headmodels and HRTFs in Upmixing for Headphone-Based Virtual Surround and Stereo Expansion—Part I
HRTF Measurements with Recorded Reference Signal
Angular Resolution Requirements for Binaural Room Scanning
Binaural Reproduction of 22.2 Multichannel Sound Over Loudspeakers
Estimation of the Probability Density Function of the Interaural Level Diferences for Binaural Speech Separation
The Learning Effect of HRTF based 3-D Sound Perception with an Horizontally Arranged 8-Loudspeaker System
Spatial Audio Attention Model Based Surveillance Event Detection
Investigating Perceptual Effects Associated with Vertically Extended Sound Fields Using Virtual Ceiling Speaker
Enhancing 3-D Audio Using Blind Bandwidth Extension
Inherent Doppler Properties of Spatial Audio
A Binaural Model with Head Motion That Resolves Front-Back Confusions for Analysis of Room Impulse Responses
A Set of Microphone Array Beamformers Implementing a Constant-Amplitude Panning Law
A 3-D Sound Creation System Using Horizontally Arranged Loudspeakers
Locating Sounds Around the Screen
Combination of Different Perceptual Models with Different Audio Transform Coding Schemes:Implementation and Evaluation
Using Noise Substitution for Backwards-Compatible Audio Codec Improvement
An Introduction to AVS Lossless Audio Coding
Audio Re-Synthesis Based on Waveform Lookup Tables
A Low Bit Rate Mobile Audio High Frequency Reconstruction
Perceptual Distortion-Rate Optimization of Long Term Prediction in MPEG AAC
Stereo Audio Coding Improved by Phase Parameters
Enhancing Stereo Audio with Remix Capability
Automatically Optimizing Situation Awareness and Sound Quality for an Isolating Earphone
Simulating Ensemble Rhythmic Interaction Based on Quantifiable Strategy Functions
Hearing Threshold of Pure Tones and a Fire Alarm Sound for People Listening to Music with Headphones
Psychoacoustic Measurement and Auditory Brainstem Response in the Frequency Range Between 10 kHz and 30 kHz
Acoustical Design of Control Room for Stereo and Multichannel Production and Reproduction—A Novel Approach
New 10.2-Channel Vertical Surround System (10.2-VSS); Comparison Study of Perceived Audio Quality in Various Multichannel Sound Systems with Height Loudspeakers
Perceptually Motivated Scoring of Musical Meter Classification Algorithms
Toward a Classification of Audiovisual Media Content
The Influence of Texture and Spatial Quality on the Perceived Quality of Blindly Separated Audio Source Signals
Perceptual Evaluation of Spatial Audio Quality
Parameter Relationships in High-Speed Audio Networks
Experiment of Sixteen-Channel Audio Transmission Over IP Network by MPEG-4 ALS and Audio Rate-Oriented Adaptive Bit-Rate Video Codec
The Contributions of Thomas Edison to Music Education
Shaping Audio Engineering Curriculum: An Expert Panel’s View of the Future
Progress in Auditory Perception Research Laboratories—Multimodal Measurement Laboratory of Dresden University of Technology
Families of Sound Attributes for Assessment of Spatial Audio
Listening Tests for the Effect of Loudspeaker Directivity and Positioning on Auditory Scene Perception
Parametric Modeling of Human Response to a Sudden Tempo Change
Increasing Intelligibility of Multiple Talkers by Selective Mixing
First Results from a Large-Scale Measurement Program for Home Theaters
Improving the Assessment of Low Frequency Room Acoustics Using Descriptive Analysis
Subjective Preference of Modal Control Methods in Listening Rooms
Wide-Area Psychoacoustic Correction for Problematic Room Modes Using Non-Linear Bass Synthesis
Beyond Coding: Reproduction of Direct and Diffuse Sound in Multiple Environments
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