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20 Things You Should Know Before Migrating Your Audio Network to IP
Deploying Large Scale Audio IP Networks
A Spatial Filtering Approach for Directional Audio Coding
A New Bandwidth Extension for Audio Signals without Using Side-Information
Feature Selection vs. Feature Space Transformation in Music Genre Classification Framework
Viable Distribution of Multi-Channel Audio-Over-IP for Live and Interactive “Voice Talent”-Based Gaming Using High-Quality, Low-Latency Audio Codec Technology
Elevator: Emotional Tracking Using Audio/Visual Interaction
Applications of Bending Wave Technology in Human Interface Devices
Designing Auditory Display Menu Interfaces - Cues for Users Current Location in Extensive Menus
Symmetry Model Based Key Finding
Audio Content Annotation, Description, and Management Using Joint Audio Detection, Segmentation, and Classification Techniques
Ambience Sound Recording Utilizing Dual MS (Mid-Side) Microphone Systems Based upon Frequency Dependent Spatial Cross Correlation (FSCC) [Part-3: Consideration of Microphones' Locations]
A Comparative Approach to Sound Localization Within a 3-D Sound Field
Effect of Listening Room on Audio Quality in Ambisonics Reproduction
Ontology-Based Information Management in Music Production
Adaptive Predictive Modeling of Stereo LPC with Application to Lossless Audio Compression
A Study of MPEG Surround Configurations and Its Performance Evaluation
Lossless Compression of Spherical Microphone Array Recordings
An Expert in Absentia: A Case-Study for Using Technology to Support Recording Studio Practice
Recording and Reproduction over Two Loudspeakers as Heard Live. Part 1: Hearing, Loudspeakers, and Rooms
Recording and Reproduction over Two Loudspeakers as Heard Live. Part 2: Recording Concepts and Practices
Vision and Technique Behind the New Studios and Listening Rooms of the Fraunhofer IIS Audio Laboratory
Advances in National Broadcaster Networks: Exploring Transparent High Definition IPTV
Multi-Perspective Surround Sound Audio Recording
Sound Intensity-Based Three-Dimensional Panning
A Practical Comparison of Three Tetrahedral Ambisonic Microphones
A New Reference Listening Room for Consumer, Professiona,l and Automotive Audio Research
Estimating the Velocity Profile and Acoustical Quantities of a Harmonically Vibrating Loudspeaker Membrane from On-Axis Pressure Data
Testing and Simulation of a Thermoacoustic Transducer Prototype
Analysis of Viscoelasticity and Residual Strains in an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker
Integrated Conventional and Directional Loudspeaker
Forces in Cylindrical Metallized Film Audio Capacitors
On the Use of Motion Feedback as Used in 4th Order Systems
Mapping of the Loudspeaker Emission by the Use of Anemometric Method
Flat Panel Loudspeaker Consisting of an Array of Miniature Transducers
Subwoofer Loudspeaker System with Dynamic Push-Pull Drive
Low Complexity Binaural Rendering for Multichannel Sound
Optimal Filtering for Focused Sound Field Reproductions Using a Loudspeaker Array
Single-Channel Sound Source Distance Estimation Based on Statistical and Source-Specific Features
Implementation of DSP-Based Adaptive Inverse Filtering System for ECTF Equalization
Improved Localization of Sound Sources Using Multi-Band Processing of Ambisonic Components
Spatial Audio Content Management Within the MPEG-7 Standard of Ambisonic Localization and Visualization Descriptions
Phase Velocity and Group Velocity in Cylindrical and Spherical Waves
Selection of Loudspeaker Positions for Reverberation Time and Sound Field Measurements
A Rehearsal Hall with Virtual Acoustics for Symphony Orchestras
Sound Field Characterization and Absorption Measurement of Wideband Absorbers
Temporal Matching of 2-D and 3-D Wave-Based Acoustic Modeling for Efficient and Realistic Simulation of Rooms
Some Improvements of the Playback Path of Wire Recorders
Acoustics of the Crime Scene as Transmitted by Mobile Phones
Silence Sweep: A Novel Method for Measuring Electroacoustical Devices
Pitch and Played String Estimation in Classic and Acoustic Guitars
Statistical Properties of Music Signals
Multi-Band Generalized Harmonic Analysis (MGHA) and Its Fundamental Characteristics in Audio Signal Processing
Automatic Detection of Salient Frequencies
Harmonic Representation and Auditory Model-Based Parametric Matching and Its Application in Speech/Audio Analysis
Perceptual Compression Methods for Metadata in Directional Audio Coding Applied to Audiovisual Teleconference
Speaker Detection and Separation with Small Microphone Arrays
Directional Audio Coding with Stereo Microphone Input
Robust Noise Reduction Based on Stochastic Spatial Features
A Time-Warped MDCT Approach to Speech Transform Coding
A Phase Vocoder Driven Bandwidth Extension Method with Novel Transient Handling for Audio Codecs
Efficient Cross-Fade Windows for Transitions between LPC-Based and Non-LPC Based Audio Coding
A Novel Scheme for Low Bitrate Unified Speech and Audio Coding – MPEG RM0
Low Bit-Rate Audio Coding in Multichannel Digital Wireless Microphone Systems
Krasner’s Audio Coder Revisited
Inter-Channel Prediction to Prevent Unmasking of Quantization Noise in Beamforming
Reduction of Distortion in Conical Horn Loudspeakers at High Levels
Comparison of Different Methods for the Subjective Sound Quality Evaluation of Compression Drivers
Membrane Modes in Transducers with the Direct D/A Conversion
Increasing Active Radiating Factor of High-Frequency Horns by Using Staggered Arrangement in Loudspeaker Line Array
Evaluation of Equalization Methods for Binaural Signals
Crosstalk Cancellation between Phantom Sources
Preliminary Evaluation of Sweet Spot Size in Virtual Sound Reproduction Using Dipoles
The Importance of the Direct to Reverberant Ratio in the Perception of Distance, Localization, Clarity, and Envelopment
Frequency-Domain Interpolation of Empirical HRTF Data
Analysis and Implementation of a Stereophonic Play Back System for Adjusting the “Sweet Spot” to the Listener’s Position
Issues on Dummy-Head HRTFs Measurements
Binaural Processing Algorithms: Importance of Clustering Analysis for Preference Tests
Perception of Head-Position-Dependent Variations in Interaural Cross-Correlation Coefficient
Further EBU Tests of Multichannel Audio Codecs
Spatial Parameter Decision by Least Squared Error in Parametric Stereo Coding and MPEG Surround
The Potential of High Performance Computing in Audio Engineering
Efficient Methods for High Quality Merging of Spatial Audio Streams in Directional Audio Coding
Psychoacoustics and Noise Perception Survey in Workers of the Construction Sector
On the Design of Automatic Sound Classification Systems for Digital Hearing Aids
Pruning Algorithms for Multilayer Perceptrons Tailored for Speech/Non-Speech Classification in Digital Hearing Aids
Evolutionary Optimization for Hearing Aids of Computational Auditory Scene Analysis
Enhanced Control of On-Screen Faders with a Computer Mouse
Modeling of External Ear Acoustics for Insert Earphone Usage
An Alternative Ambisonics Formulation: Modal Source Strength Matching and the Effect of Spatial Aliasing
Sound Field Reproduction Employing Non-Omnidirectional Loudspeakers
Alterations of the Temporal Spectrum in High-Resolution Sound Field Reproduction of Different Spatial Bandwidths
Cooperative Spatial Audio Authoring: Systems Approach and Analysis of Use Cases
Spatial Sampling Artifacts of Wave Field Synthesis for the Reproduction of Virtual Point Sources
Effects of Loudspeaker Directivity on Perceived Sound Quality - A Review of Existing Studies
Subjective Validity of Figures of Merit for Room Aspect Ratio Design
A Study of Low-Frequency Near- and Far-Field Loudspeaker Behavior
Subwoofers in Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Rooms
WhisPER – A New Tool for Performing Listening Tests
Psychoacoustic Assessment of the Noise Emitted by the Machines. The Case of the Grinders
Investigations of the Effects of Nonlinear Distortions on Psychoacoustical Measures
Comparative Evaluation of Howling Detection Criteria in Notch-Filter-Based Howling Suppression
Professional Wireless Microphone Systems: Current Situation and Upcoming Changes in Regulatory Issues in Europe and USA
Sound Field Reconstruction: An Improved Approach for Wave Field Synthesis
Subjective Audio Quality with Multiple Description Coding in a WLAN 802.11-Based Multicast Distribution Network
A Joint Approach to Extract Multiple Fundamental Frequency in Polyphonic Signals Minimizing Gaussian Spectral Distance
A Mixture-of-Experts Approach for Note Onset Detection
Automatic Adjustment of Off-the-Shelf Reverberation Effects
Improvements on Automatic Parametric Equalization and Cross-Over Alignment of Audio Systems
Low Noise Transformer Input Pre-Amp Design - A Solution that Eliminates CMID
Score File Generators for Boids-Based Granular Synthesis in Csound
Acoustic Rendering of an Interior Space Using the Holographically Designed Sound Array
Validation of a Loudspeaker-Based Room Auralization System Using Speech Intelligibility Measures
Low Complexity Directional Sound Sources for Finite Difference Time Domain Room Acoustic Models
Binaural Reverberation Using a Modified Jot Reverberator with Frequency-Dependent Interaural Coherence Matching
Design and Limitations of Non-Coincidence Correction Filters for Soundfield Microphones
Generalized Multiple Sweep Measurement
Frequency Response Adaptation in Binaural Hearing
Concha Headphones and Their Coupling to the Ear
Subjective Evaluation of Headphone Target Frequency Responses
Study and Consideration on Symmetrical KEMAR HATS Conforming to IEC60959
Spatio-Temporal Gradient Analysis of Differential Microphone Arrays
The Analog Microphone Interface and Its History
Handling Noise Analysis in Large Cavity Microphone Windshields. Improved Solution
Influence of the Listening Room in the Perception of a Musical Work
Comparison of Methods for Measuring Sound Quality through HATS and Binaural Microphones
Improving Perceived Tempo Estimation by Statistical Modeling of Higher-Level Musical Descriptors
Perceptually-Motivated Audio Morphing: Softness
Resolution of Spatial Distribution Perception with Distributed Sound Source in Anechoic Conditions
Perceived Roughness - A Recent Psychoacoustic Measurement
A Physiological Auditory Model
Influence of Level Setting on Loudspeaker Preference Ratings
Comparing Three Methods for Sound Quality Evaluation with Respect to Speed and Accuracy
Reference Units for the Comparison of Speech Quality Test Results
The Influence of Sound Processing on Listeners' Program Choice in Radio Broadcasting
Free Choice Profiling and Natural Grouping as Methods for the Assessment of Emotions in Musical Audio Signals
Subjective Quality Evaluation of Audio Streaming Applications on Absolute and Paired Rating Scales
Assessor Selection Process for Multisensory Applications
Hierarchical Perceptual Mixing
Source-Filter Modeling in Sinusoid Domain
Analysis of a Modified Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal
Phase and Amplitude Distortion Methods for Digital Synthesis of Classic Analog Waveforms
Soundscape Attribute Identification
SonoSketch: Querying Sound Effect Databases through Painting
Generic Sound Effects to Aid in Audio Retrieval
Acoustic Design of Classrooms
Epidaurus: Comments on the Acoustics of the Legendary Ancient Greek Theater
A Matlab Toolbox for the Analysis of Ando’s Factors
On the Myth of Pulse Width Modulated Spectrum in Theory and Practice
Design Approaches for Psychoacoustical In-Band Noise Shaping Filters
A New Analog Input Topology for Extreme Dynamic Range Analog to Digital Conversion
Automatic Equalization of Flat TV Loudspeakers Using Parametric IIR Filters
Audio n-Genie: Domain Specific Language for Audio Processing
Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using MIMO Blind Deconvolution
Implementing Audio Algorithms and Integrating Processor-Specific Code Using Model Based Design
Subjective and Objective Evaluation of the Acoustic Vacuum-Tube Amplifiers
Localization of Consecutive Sound Events in Reverberant Environment
The Contrasting and Conflicting Definitions of Envelopment
Apparent Source Width in ITU Surround
Time-Expanded Speech to Improve the Intelligibility of Consonants for the Hard-of-Hearing
Octave-Band Analysis on ITU-R Listening Test Data
Windowed Sine Bursts: In Search of Optimal Test Signals for Detecting the Threshold of Audibility of Temporal Decays
A New Methodological Approach to the Noise Threat Evaluation Based on the Selected Physiological Properties of the Human Hearing System
Evaluation and Comparison of Audio Chroma Feature Extraction Methods
Measuring Transient Structure-Borne Sound in Musical Instruments - Proposal and First Results from a Laser Intensity Measurement Setup
Evaluating Ground Truth for ADRess as a Preprocess for Automatic Musical Instrument Identification
Improving Rhythmic Pattern Features Based on Logarithmic Preprocessing
Further Developments of Parameterization Methods of Audio Stream Analysis for Security Purposes
Estimating Instrument Spectral Envelopes for Polyphonic Music Transcription in a Music Scene-Adaptive Approach
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