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Audio Capacitors. Myth or Reality?
Perceptual Study and Auditory Analysis on Digital Crossover Filters
The Air Spring Effect of Flat Panel Speakers
The Inertial Air Load of a Loudspeaker Diaphragm
Horn Loudspeakers Nonlinearity Comparison and Linearization Using Volterra Series
Audibility of Phase Response Differences in a Stereo Playback System. Part 1: Headphone Reproduction
Audible ICMP Echo Responses for Monitoring Ultra Low Delayed Audio Streams
Audio Fingerprint and Its Applications to Peer-To-Peer Systems
EBU Tech.doc. 3326 for Interoperability Between Audio Over IP Units
A Grid-Based Approach to the Remote Control and Recall of the Properties of IEEE1394 Audio Devices
Can the Public Internet Be Used for Broadcast Applications?
Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Urban Acoustic Modelling and Auralisation
Virtual Vs. Actual Multichannel Acoustical Recording
Virtual Sources and Moving Targets
On the Use of Directional Loudspeakers to Create a Sound Source Close to the Listener
Directional Analysis of Sound Field with Linear Microphone Array and Applications in Sound Reproduction
The SoundScape Renderer: A Unified Spatial Audio Reproduction Framework for Arbitrary Rendering Methods
Initial Investigation of Signal Capture Techniques for Objective Measurement of Spatial Impression Considering Head Movement
A Second Order Differential Microphone Technique for Spatially Encoding Virtual Room Acoustics
Time-Varying Transform for High Quality Audio Communication Codecs
Differential Graph-Based Coding of Spikes in a Biologically-Inspired Universal Audio Coder
Unravelling the Relationship Between Basic Audio Quality and Fidelity Attributes in Low Bit-Rate Multi-Channel Audio Codecs
A New Perceptual Model for Audio Coding Based on Spectro-Temporal Masking
Delayless Mixing - On the Benefits of MPEG-4 AAC-ELD in High Quality Communication Systems
Low-Power MPEG-4 HE-AAC Version-2 Encoder
Low Complexity Bit Allocation Algorithms for MP3/AAC Encoding
Linear Filtering in MDCT Domain
A Study of Electrostatic Forces in Single-Acting Condenser Digital Transducer
Ultra-Thin Micro-Loudspeaker Using Oblique Magnetic Circuit.
A Novel Glass Laminated Structure for Flat Panel Loudspeakers
A Digitally Direct Driven Dynamic-Type Loudspeaker
Accelerated Power Test Analysis Based on Loudspeaker Life Distribution
Perception and Physical Behavior of Loudspeaker Nonlinearities at Bass Frequencies in Closed Vs. Reflex Enclosures
Enhancements to the SBC CODEC for Voice Communication in Mobile Devices
Efficiently Shuffling Large Sets of Clips
Hardware/Software Co-Design of Multi-Format Audio Decoder
Audio Enhancement for Portable Device Based Speech Applications
An Efficient, Low-Noise Filter Architecture for Bass Processing on a DSP Core
Implementation of Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling on Portable Audio Player
Low-Frequency Extension of Gated Loudspeaker Measurements
Measurement and Fourier-Bessel Analysis of Loudspeakers Radiation Patterns Using a Spherical Array of Microphones.
Turbulent and Viscous Air Friction in the Mid-High Frequency Loudspeaker
Modeling of an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker Including Membrane Viscoelasticy
On a Novel Concept of Membrane Suspension in an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker
The Theory of Wave Field Synthesis Revisited
A Finite Difference Time Domain Approach to Analysing Room Effects on Wave Field Synthesis Reproduction
Wave Field Synthesis Evaluation Using the Minimum Audible Angle in a Concert Hall
Objective and Subjective Analysis of Localisation Accuracy in Wave Field Synthesis
Wave Field Synthesis Rendering with Increased Aliasing Frequency
Reproduction of Moving Virtual Sound Sources with Special Attention to the Doppler Effect
A Graphical Tool Set for Analyzing Wave Field Synthesis Algorithms
Audio-Visual Processing Tools for Auditory Scene Synthesis
Encoding Higher Order Ambisonics with AAC
Virtualized Listening Tests for Loudspeakers
Binaural Rendering in MDCT Domain for Multi-Object Audio Coding
Room-Dependent Preference of Virtual Surround Sound
Quantization of 2D Higher Order Ambisonics
A Binaural Auditory Model for the Evaluation of Reproduced Stereophonic Sound
An Augmented Reality Audio Mixer and Equalizer
Sub-Band Adaptive Crosstalk Cancellation: A Novel Approach for Immersive Audio
Analysis and Adjustment of Planar Microphone Arrays for Application in Directional Audio Coding
Planar Microphone Array Processing for the Analysis and Reproduction of Spatial Audio Using Directional Audio Coding
User-Dependent Optimization of Wave Field Synthesis Reproduction for Directive Sound Fields
Spatial Audio Object Coding (SAOC) - The Upcoming MPEG Standard on Parametric Object Based Audio Coding
Focusing of Virtual Sound Sources in Higher Order Ambisonics
Listener Envelopment – What Has Been Done and What Future Research Is Needed?
Obtaining a Highly Directive Center Channel from Coincident Stereo Microphone Signals
Spatial Sound in the Use of Multimodal Interfaces for the Acquisition of Motor Skills
Evaluating the Sensation of Envelopment Arising from 5-Channel Surround Sound Recordings
An Improved Pattern-Matching Method for Piano Multipitch Detection
Polyphonic Piano Transcription Based on Spectral Separation
Towards a Real-Time Implementation of a Physical Modelling Based Percussion Synthesizer
Dual Noise Suppression in Hearing Aids
Automatic Sound Recognition for Security Purposes
Multipitch Estimation of Harmonically-Related Event-Notes by Improving Harmonic Matching Pursuit Decomposition
amplitude Modification Algorithms Within the Framework of Physical Modeling and of Haptic Gestural Interaction
Circular Pitch Space Based Harmonic Change Detection
Circular Pitch Space Based Musical Tonality Analysis
Drift, Wow and Flutter Measurement and Reduction in Shrunken Movie Soundtracks
The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound: From Collection to Archive to Public Private Partnership
Cable-Free Audio Delivery for Home Theater Entertainment Systems
Adaptive Playout for VoIP Based on the Enhanced Low Delay AAC Audio Codec
Time-Alignment of Multi-Way Speakers with Group Delay Equalization - I
Singing Voice Separation Combining Panning Information and Pitch Tracking
The Downsampling Dilemma: Perceptual Issues in Sample Rate Reduction
NU-Tech: The Entry Tool of the HArtes Toolchain for Algorithms Design
Recovery of Missing Signals Utilizing GHA(Generalized Harmonic Analysis)-Applied Interpolation
Combination of Warped and Linear Filter Structures for Loudspeaker Equalization
Multi-Channel Dereverberation System Using Modified Correlation-Based Blind Deconvolution and Multi-Microphone Spectral Subtraction
Harmonic and Intermodulation Analysis of Nonlinear Devices Used in Virtual Bass Systems
Speech Quality Measurement for the Hearing Impaired on the Basis of PESQ
Subjective Evaluation of Speech Quality in a Conversational Context
Contribution of Interaural Difference to Obstacle Sense of the Blind During Walking
The Accuracy of Localizing Virtual Sound Sources: Effects of Pointing Method and Visual Environment
Perceived Spatial Distribution and Width of Horizontal Ensemble of Independent Noise Signals as Function of Waveform and Sample Length
Effect of Minimizing Spatial Separation and Melodic Variations in Simultaneously Presented Two-Syllable Words
Characterization of the Multidimensional Perceptive Space for Current Speech and Sound Codecs
An Automatic Maximum Gain Normalization Technique with Applications to Audio Mixing.
An Alternative Approach for the Convolution in Time-Domain: The Taches-Algorithm
Performance of Independent Component Analysis When Used to Separate Competing Acoustic Sources in Anechoic and Reverberant Conditions
A Cross-Platform Audio Signal Processing Environment for Real-Time Audio Algorithm Development
New Enhancements to the Automatic Noise Removal (ANR) System Utilizing Improved Noise Statistics and Multi-Band Processing
A Channel Vocoder Using Wavelet Packets on a Reconfigurable Device
The Effects of Lossy Audio Encoding on Genre Classification Tasks
Loop Region Detection in Music Signals
Music-Inspired Harmony Search Algorithm Applied to Feature Selection for Sound Classification in Hearing Aids
Analysis of the Effects of Finite Precision in Sound Classifiers for Digital Hearing Aids
A Constructive Algorithm for Multilayer Perceptrons for Speech/Non-Speech Classification in Hearing Aids
Seeing the Inaudible. Descriptors Used for Generating Objective and Reproducible Data in Real-Time for Musical Instrument Playing Standard Situations
Structural Segmentation of Music Using Set Accented Tones
AnClaS3: A Blackboard-Based Cooperative Framework for Sound Separation
Analysis and Synthesis of Audio Vibrato Using Harmonic Sinusoids
Distortion Analysis and Reduction for the Parametric Array
Piano "Forte Pedal" Analysis and Detection
Diffusing Boundary Implementations in the 2-D Digital Waveguide Mesh
RenderAIR – Room Acoustics Simulation Using a Hybrid Digital Waveguide Mesh Approach
Modelling Frequency-Dependent Boundaries as Digital Impedance Filters in FDTD Room Acoustic Simulations
Commercial Low Frequency Absorbers - A Comparative Study
Volumetric Diffusers
Loudspeaker Time Alignment Using Live Sound Measurements
INR as an Estimator for the Decay Range of Room Acoustic Impulse Responses
Musical-Inspired Features for Automatic Sound Classification in Digital Hearing Aids
Assessing the Potential Intelligibility of Assistive Audio Systems for the Hard of Hearing and Other Users
Graphical Control of a Parametric Equalizer
Audio Software Development - An Audio Quality Perspective
Multi Carrier Modulator for Switch-Mode Audio Power Amplifiers
A Comparison of Theoretical, Simulated, and Experimental Results Concerning the Stability of Sigma Delta Modulators
A New Method for Identification of Nonlinear Systems Using MISO Model with Swept-Sine Technique: Application to Loudspeaker Analysis
Junction Identification Using Acoustic Reflectometry
Loss of Subjective Localization Cues in Virtual Acoustic Opening
Effect of Interaural Differences on Loudness of Narrowband Noise Bursts
Perception of Movements of a Focused Sound Generated with a Linear Loudspeaker Array System
Subjective Evaluation for Music Recording Positions in a Coherent Region of a Reverberant Field
Efficient Individualization of HRTF Using Critical-Band Based Spectral Cues Control
How to Widen the Sweet Spot in Monitoring 5.1.
Auditory Modeling Via Frequency Warped Transforms
The Role of Spectral Features in Sound Localization
Multichannel Loudness Listening Test
Challenges in Reproduction and Evaluation of Upmixed Audio in an Automotive Environment
A General Approach to Loudspeaker Array Synthesis Methods
On Large Multiactuator Panels for Wave Field Synthesis Applications
Temporal Change of Psychological Impressions Regarding Microphone Arrays for Multichannel Recording
Manufacturing Recordings from 100 Year Old Masters
Replay of Digital Original Tapes: Practical Experiences with Video Tape Based PCM Adapters and R-DAT
High Resolution Audio Recording, Preservation and Delivery at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music
A Fast Feature Extraction System on Compressed Audio Data
A Proposed Audio Visual Product Evaluation Measure
Nonexistence of Frontal Signal Unmasking from Spatially Wide Masker
Evaluating Perception of Salient Frequencies: Do Mixing Engineers Hear the Same Thing?
Evaluation of Stereophonic Images with Listening Tests and Model Simulations
The Sound Character Space of Spectrally Distorted Telephone Speech and Its Impact on Quality
Objective Evaluation of a Non-Environment Control Room for 5.1 Surround Listening
A Case Study on Sound Reproduction and Acoustic Enhancement in Concert Halls Using Wave Field Synthesis
Small Studios with Gypsum Board Walls, a Review of Their Room Acoustics, Details at the Low Frequencies.
On the Measurement of Electro Acoustic Enhanced Sound Fields
Applying Cochlear Modeling and Psychoacoustics in Room Acoustics
Empirical Evaluation of the Frequency-Dependent Boundary Conditions in a Digital Waveguide Mesh
Subjective Effects of Dispersion in the Simulation of Room Acoustics Using Digital Waveguide Mesh
Bitstream Format for Spatio-Temporal Wave Field Coder
The Design of Ambisonic Decoders for the ITU 5.1 Layout with Even Performance Characteristics
Methods for Sharing Stereo and Multichannel Recordings Among Planetariums
Optimal Hierarchical Bandwidth Limitation of Surround Sound
Frequency-Dependent Signal-Correlation in Surround- And Stereo-Microphone Systems and the Blumlein-Pfanzagl-Triple (BPT)
Holographic Design of a Source Array for Achieving a Desired Sound Field
New Dimensions for Ambisonics
Improving Spherical Microphone Arrays
Migration of 5.0 Multichannel Microphone Array Design to Higher Order MMAD (6.0, 7.0 & 8.0) with or Without the Inter-Format Compatibility Criteria.
Autoregressive Modelling of Hilbert Envelopes for Wide-Band Audio Coding
On Locality of Spectral Oriented Tree for Bit-Plane Based Low-Bit Rate Audio Coding
Perceptual Matching Pursuit for Audio Coding
A Unifying Approach to Transform and Sinusoidal Coding of Audio
Low Bit Rate Audio Coding for Digital Wireless Systems
Bit Allocation for Linear Prediction Coefficients with Application to Lossless Audio Compression
Design of Framing in MPEG Surround Based on Dynamic Programming Algorithm
New Enhancements to the Audio Bandwidth Extension Toolkit (ABET)
Perceptual Evaluation of Numerically Simulated Head-Related Transfer Functions
Reaction Times and Performances in Recognition Tasks to Assess Speech Quality
Influence of Visual Appearance on Loudspeaker Sound Quality Evaluation.
Comparison of Loudspeaker-Room Equalization Preferences for Multichannel, Stereo, and Mono Reproductions: Are Listeners More Discriminating in Mono?
Caution and Warning Alarm Design and Evaluation for NASA CEV Auditory Displays
Loudness Calculation for Individual Acoustical Objects Within Complex Temporally Variable Sounds
An Anatomy of Graph-Based User Interfaces for Media Processing
A Framework for Automatic Mixing Using Timbral Similarity Measures and Genetic Optimization
Delta-Sigma DAC Topologies for Improved Jitter Performance
New Measurement Methods for Anechoic Chamber Characterization
Acoustic Feedback Reduction Based on LMS and Normalized LMS Algorithms in WOLA Filters Bank Based Digital Hearing Aids
Non-Linear Distortions in Capacitors
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