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The Effect of the Singer's Head on Vocalist Microphones
Wind Generated Noise in Microphones - An Overview - Part 1
P-MOS FET Application for Silicon Condenser Microphones
Development of a Super-Wide-Range Microphone
Listening Broadband Physical Model for Microphones: A First Step
Measuring the Perceived Differences between Similar High-quality Microphones
The Native B-Format Microphone: Part II
Influence of Components Precision on Characteristics of Dual Microphone Arrays
Application of Segmentation and Thumbnailing to Music Browsing and Searching
Multiple F0 Tracking in Solo Recordings of Monodic Instruments
Harmonic Plus Noise Decomposition: Time-frequency Reassignment Versus a Subspace Based Method
Signal Analysis Using the Complex Spectral Phase Evolution (CSPE) Method
Upwind Leapfrog Schemes in Physical Models with Mixed Modeling Strategies
Simple Modeling of Soundboard Effect for Piano Transcription
Contextual Effects on Sound Quality Judgements: Listening Room and Automotive Environments
Next Generation Automotive Sound Research and Technologies
Spatial Sound Localization Model Using Neural Network
Aurally Motivated Analysis for Scattered Sound in Auditoria
Audibility of Spectral Differences in Head-Related Transfer Functions
Looking for a Relevant Similarity Criterion for HRTF Clustering: A Comparative Study
Evaluation of a 3D-Audio System with Head Tracking
Design and Verification of HeadZap, a Semi-automated HRIR Measurement System
Visualization of Perceptual Parameters in Interactive User Interfaces: Application to the Control of Sound Spatialization
A New Approach for Direct Interaction with Graphical Representations of Room Impulse Responses for the Use in Wave Field Synthesis Reproduction
Directional Audio Coding: Filterbank and STFT-based Design
Newly Established IEC Standard on Audio Quality Measurement of Personal Computers
Scene Description Model and Rendering Engine for Interactive Virtual Acoustics
Intelligent Audio for Games
A Frame Loss Concealment Technique for MPEG-AAC
Multiple Description Error Mitigation Techniques for Streaming Compressed Audio Over a 802.11 Wireless Network
Single Frequency Networks for FM Radio
A Paradigm for Wireless Digital Audio Home Entertainment
Online Acoustic Measurements in a Networked Audio System
Design and Installation of Recording Studios for Vocational training
Flexible, High Speed Audio Networking for Hotels and Convention Centres
Sound Quality Differences between Electret Film (EMFIT) and Piezoelectric Under-saddle Guitar Pickups
A Hybrid Concealment Algorithm for Non-predictive Wideband Audio Coders
Towards an Inverse Constant Q Transform
History and Design of Russian Electro-musical Instrument "Theremin"
A Fast- and High-convergence Method for ICA-based Noise Reduction in Mobile Phone Speech Communication
A Comparison of Time-Domain Time-Scale Modification Algorithms
The Importance of the Non-harmonic Residual for Automatic Musical Instrument Recognition of Pitched Instruments
A Fuzzy Rules-based Speech/Music Discrimination Approach for Intelligent Audio Coding Over the Internet
Analysis and Transynthesis of Solo Erhu Recordings using Addtivie/Subtractive Synthesis
Application of Fisher Linear Discriminant Analysis to Speech/Music Classification
Effectiveness of Height Information for Reproducing the Presence and Reality in Multichannel Audio System
Multichannel Processing for Microphones Arrays
Miniature Microphone Arrays for Multi-channel Recording
Benefits of Distance Correction for Multichannel Microphones
Virtual Source Location Information Based Matrix Decoding System
Relating Auditory Attributes of Multichannel Reproduced Sound to Preference and to Physical Parameters
Quality Degradation Effects Caused by Limiting the Bandwidth of Standard Surround Sound Channels and Hierarchically Encoded MSBTF Channels: A Comparative Study
Initial Developments of an Objective Method for the Prediction of Basic Audio Quality for Surround Audio Recordings
Listener Opinions of Novel Spatial Audio Scenes
Low Frequency Sound Field Enhancement System for Rectangular Rooms using Multiple Low Frequency Loudspeakers
Tactile Strategies and Resources for Teaching Multichannel Sound Concepts
All Amplifiers are Analogue, but Some Amplifiers are More Analogue than Others
Towards an Ideal Switching (Class-D) Power Amplifier: How to Control the Flow of Power in a Switching Power Circuit
Second Generation Intelligent Class D Amplifier Controller Integrated Circuit Enables both Low Cost and High Performance Amplifier Designs
PWM Amplifier Control Loops with Minimum Aliasing Distortion
Simple, Ultralow Distortion Digital Pulse Width Modulator
A High Performance Open Loop All-digital Class-D Audio Power Amplifier using Zero Positioning Coding (ZePoC)
A Three Level Trellis Noise Shaping Converter for Class D Amplifiers.
Using SIP Techniques to Verify the Trade-off between SNR and Information Capacity of a Sigma Delta Modulator
Estimation of Initial States of Sigma-delta Modulators
High Performance Real-time Software Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter Kernel
Clean Clocks, Once and for All?
Comprehensive Analysis of Loudspeaker Span Effects on Crosstalk Cancellation in Spatial Sound Reproduction
A Perceptual Measure for Assessing and Removing Reverberation from Audio Signals
Investigating Spatial Audio Coding Cues for Meeting Audio Segmentation
The Effect of Audio Compression Techniques on Binaural Audio Rendering
Sound Source Obstruction in an Interactive 3Dimensional MPEG-4 Environment
JavaOL - A Structured Audio Orchestra Language: Tools, Player and Streaming Engine
Using Remote Recording over the Internet in Education
A Community Hierarchic Based Approach for Scalable Parametric Audio Multicasting Over the Internet
Distant Teaching of Chamber Music via Local Area Netwoks
Implementation of Immersive Audio Applications using Robust Adaptive Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis
Spatial Aliasing Artifacts Produced by Linear and Circular Loudspeaker Arrays used for Wave Field Synthesis
Characterization of the Reverberant Sound Field Emitted by a Wave Field Synthesis Driven Loudspeaker Array
Conjugate Gradient Techniques for Multichannel Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Frequency Domain
SigmaStudio. A User Friendly, Intuitive and Expandable, Graphical Development Environment for Audio/DSP Applications.
Filter Update Techniques for Adaptive Virtual Acoustic Imaging
Adaptive Filters in Wavelet Transform Domain
Adaptive Time-Frequency Resolution for Analysis and Processing of Audio
Advanced Methods for Shaping Time-Frequency Areas for the Selective Mixing of Sounds
Demixing Commercial Music Productions via Human-Assisted Time-Frequency Masking
A Multichannel Speech Dereverberation Technique Based Upon the Wiener Filter
Effective Room Equalization Based on Warped Common Acoustical Poles and Zeros
Parametric Recursive Higher-Order Shelving Filters
Enhanced Control of Sound Field Radiated by Co-axial Loudspeaker Systems using Digital Signal Processing Techniques
Network Music Performance (NMP) in Narrow Band Networks
Intensive Noise Reduction utilizing Inharmonic Frequency Analysis of GHA
Advanced Cataloging and Search Techniques in Audio Archiving
Evaluation of Query-by-Humming Systems using a Random Melody Database
MP3 Window-switching Pattern Analysis for General Purposes Beat Tracking on Music with Drums
Application of MPEG-4 SLS in MMDBMSs – Requirements for and Evaluation of the Format
Applying EAI Technologies to Bimedial Broadcast Environments. Challenges, Chances and Risks.
Virtual Concert: Spatial Sound in DVD Technology
The Adaptation of Concert Hall Measures of Spatial Impression to Reproduced Sound
Analysis of Spatial Resolution of Multiactuator Panels
New CLD Quantization Method for Spatial Audio Coding
Koch’s Snowflake: A Case Study of Sound Scattering of Fractal Surfaces
Large Scale FEM Analysis of a Studio Room
Influence of Ray Angle of Incidence and Complex Reflection Factor on Acoustical Simulation Results (Part II)
Adaptive Audio Equalization of Rooms Based on a Technique of Transparent Insertion of Acoustic Probe Signals
An Amphitheatric Hall Modal Analysis using the Finite Element Method Compared to in situ Measurements.
A Computer Aided Design Method for the Dimensions of a Rectangular Enclosure to Avoid Degeneracy of Standing Waves
A 3D Acoustic Simulation Program with Graphical Frontend for Scene Input
Absorptive Material Arrangement Method for Global Interior Noise Control in Wide Frequency Range
Real Time Acoustic Rendering of Complex Environments Including Diffraction and Curved Surfaces
Comparison between In-situ Recordings and Auralizations
The Relationship between Selected Artifacts and Basic Audio Quality in Perceptual Audio Codecs
Improved Noise Weighting in CELP Coding of Speech - Applying the Vorbis Psychoacoustic Model To Speex
Reduced Bit Rate Ultra Low Delay Audio Coding
Real-Time Subband-ADPCM Low-Delay Audio Coding Approach
Scalable Bitplane Runlength Coding
Scalable Audio Coder with Iterative Auditory Masking
A Frequency-domain Framework for Spatial Audio Coding Based on Universal Spatial Cues
Parametric Joint-Coding of Audio Sources
Improved Time Delay Analysis/Synthesis for Parametric Stereo Audio Coding
Closing the Gap between the Multi-Channel and the Stereo Audio World: Recent MP3 Surround Extensions
Design for High Frequency Adjustment Module in MPEG-4 HEAAC Encoder Based on Linear Prediction Method
Multi-Channel Noise-Reduction-Systems for Speaker Identification in an Automotive Acoustic Environment
Optimal Quantized Linear Prediction Coefficients for Lossless Audio Compression - Scalar Quantization Revisited
Efficient Out of Head Localization System for Mobile Applications
A Psychoacoustic Noise Reduction Approach for Stereo Hands-Free Systems
Estimation of Talker’s Head Orientation Based on Oriented Global Coherence Field
High Quality Blind Bandwidth Extension of Audio for Portable Player Applications
Coherence Enhanced Minimum Statistics Spectral Subtraction in Bi-microphone Systems
Sound Field Analysis Based on Generalized Prolate Spheroidal Wave Sequences
Optimisation of Co-centred Rigid and Open Spherical Microphone Arrays
Review and Discussion on Classical STFT-based Frequency Estimators
Accurate Phase Estimation for Chirp-like Signals
Equalization of Audio Systems using Kautz Filters with Log-like Frequency Resolution
Personal Audio Headrest
Accidental Wow Evaluation Based on Sinusoidal Modeling and Neural Nets Prediction
An Ontology-based Approach to Information Management for Music Analysis Systems
Pyramidal Algorithm for the Restoration of Audio Signal Corrupted by Wideband Noise
Digital Music Notation Transformation using XML
A Service-oriented High-performance Architecture for Large Scale Audio Archives
A Robust Music Retrieval System
On the Influence of the Geometry on Radiation Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Methods to Improve the Horizontal Pattern of a Line Array Module in the Midrange Band
The Performance and Restrictions of High Frequency Waveguides in Line Arrays
Efficient Non-Linear Loudspeakers
Advantages of FIR Filters in Digital Loudspeaker Controllers
Efficient Resonant Loudspeakers with Large Form-Factor Design Freedom
A Dipole Multimedia Loudspeaker
Spatial Distribution of Distortion and Spectrally-shaped Quantization Noise in Digital Micro-array Loudspeakers
A Compact 120 Independent Element Spherical Loudspeaker Array with Programable Radiation Patterns
Polar Plots for Low Frequencies: The Acoustic Centre
Constant Directivity End-fire Arrays for Public Address Systems
DGRC Arrays : A Synthesis of Geometrical and Electronic Loudspeaker Arrays
Universal System for Spatial Sound Reinforcement in Theatres and Large Venues - System Design and User Interface
A Novel Integrated Audio Bandwidth Extension Toolkit (ABET)
Evaluation of Real-time Transport Protocol Configurations using aacPlus
Audio Communication Coder
ISO/IEC MPEG-4 High-Definition Scalable Advanced Audio Coding
Performance Analysis of Wave Field Simulation with the Functional Transformation Method
A Review of NFPA 72 Requirements for Emergency Communications
Classroom Acoustics: Current and Future Criteria for the Assessment of Acoustics for Learning
Spatial Sound in Auditory Vision Substitution Systems
Acoustic Rendering for Color Information
Auditory Display of Audio
Non Vocal Auditory Signals in the Operating Room for Each Phase of the Anaesthesia Procedure
Frequency Bandwidth and Multi-talker Environments
Usability of 3D-Sound for Navigation in a Constrained Virtual Environment
Psychoacoustic Evaluation of a New Method for Simulating Near-field Virtual Auditory Space
A Scalable CELP/Transform Coder for Low Bit Rate Speech and Audio Coding
A New Low Bit Rate Speech Coding Scheme for Mixed Content
On Improving Parametric Stereo Audio Coding
Stack-Run Audio Coding
A Codebook-based Cascade Coder for Embedded Lossless Audio Coding
A Unified Transient Detector for Enhanced aacPlus Encoder
New Results in Rate-Distortion Optimized Parametric Audio Coding
Harmonic Structure Reconstruction in Audio Compression Method Based on Spectral Oriented Trees
An Experimental Audio Coder using Rate-distortion Controlled Temporal Block Switching
Detection and Extraction of Transients for Audio Coding
Audio Coding using a Genetic Algorithm
Parametric Representation of Multichannel Audio Based on Principal Component Analysis
A Dual Audio Transcoding Algorithm for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Services
A Subband Domain Downmixing Scheme for Parametric Stereo Encoder
Auditory Scene Synthesis for Distributed Audiences in E-Learning Applications
The Effect of Speaker Frequency Bandwidth Limitation and Stereo Base Width on Perceived Quality
Spatial Character and Quality Assessment of Selected Stereophonic Image Enhancements for Headphone Playback of Popular Music
Designing a Spatial Audio Attribute Listener Training System for Optimal Transfer.
Evaluation of Loudness in a Room Acoustic Model
Effect of Direction on Loudness for Wideband and Reverberant Sounds
Investigations in Real-time Loudness Metering
Measuring the Threshold of Audibility of Temporal Decays
The Influence of Impulse Response Length and Transition Bandwidth of Magnitude Complementary Crossover on Perceived Sound Quality
Perception of Simultaneity and Detection of Asynchrony between Audio and Structural Vibration in Multimodal Music Reproduction
Computational Two-channel ITD Model
Automatic Recognition of Urban Sound Sources
A New Integrated System for Laboratory Environments of Speech/Voice Examination
Directivity Measurements on a Highly Directive Hearing Aid: The Hearing Glasses
Accurate Non Linear Models of Valve Amplifiers Including Output Transformers
The Self-compensated Audio Transformers for Tube and Solid State Single Ended Amplifiers
Some Neglected Audio Distortion Mechanisms
Comparison of Four Subwoofer Measurement Techniques
Room Impulse Responses Measurement using a Moving Microphone
Sound Field Characterisation in Audio Reproduction With The Bit-Grouped Digital Transducer Array
Radiation Impedance of Transducer Field Driven by Binary Signals
An Introductory Review for U-fa (USM Driven Woofer) Development
Improved Model of Loudspeaker using Continuous Revolution of Ultrasonic Motor
Ring Element Model: Program Results
Analysis and Optimal Design of Miniature Loudspeakers
Positions Effect of Multi Exciters and the Optimization on Sound Pressure Responses of Distributed Mode Loudspeaker
Simulation of Reconstruction of Oversampled Signales in Digital Loudspeakers
Digital Measurement for Dynamic Distortion of Loudspeakers
Effect of Membrane Damage on Loudspeaker Performance
Loudspeaker Testing at the Production Line
New Structure of Loudspeaker
Multi-Channel High Performacne Analog Volume Control with a New Serial I2C/SPI Compatible Control Port
Evaluation of Ambience Microphone Arrangements Utilizing Frequency Dependent Spatial Cross Correlation (FSCC)
Parameter Estimation of Dynamic Range Compressors: Models, Procedures and Test Signals
Redefining the Directivity Index for Adaptive Microphone Arrays
A System for Rapid Measurement and Direct Customization of Head Related Impulse Responses
Observations on Bimodal Audio Visual Subjective Assessments of a Virtual 3D Scene
Measurement of Reverberation Discrimination Threshold for Chinese Subjects with Chinese Music Motifs
An Auditory Process Model for the Evaluation of Virtual Acoustic Imaging Systems
Evaluation of Packet Loss Distortion in Audio Signals
Dithering Strategy Applied to Tinnitus Masking
3D Sound Field Recording with Higher Order Ambisonics - Objective Measurements and Validation of Spherical Microphone
Audio Cable Distortion is Not a Myth!
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