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Toward Live Drum Separation Using Probabilistic Spectral Clustering Based on the Itakura-Saito Divergence
Automatic Scoring of Guitar Chords
Sonic Handprints: Person Identification with Hand Clapping Sounds by a Model-Based Method
Detection of Audio Events by Boosted Learning of Local Time-Frequency Patterns
Spectral Zero-Crossings Alone Enable Reliable Estimation of Interaural Time Difference
Automated Evaluation for Button Sounds from Wavelet-Based Features
Fast Implementation of Audio Crosstalk Cancellation on DSP Processors
Signal Reconstruction from Multiresolution STFT Magnitudes with Mutual Initialization
Generalized MMSE STSA Estimator with ICA-Based Noise Estimation and Speech Prior Identification for Binaural Hearing Aids
Music Signal Separation by Orthogonality and Maximum-Distance Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Target Signal Information
Optimal Mixing Matrices and Usage of Decorrelators in Spatial Audio Processing
Sound Morphing Strategies Based on Alterations of Time-Frequency Representations by Gabor Multipliers
Perceptual Optimization of Audio Representations Based on Time-Frequency Masking Data for Maximally-Compact Stimuli
Parametric Spatial Sound Processing Applied to Bilateral Hearing Aids
A Homomorphic Interpretation of the Complex FM Expansion
Audibility of Coloration Artifacts in HRTF Filter Designs
Ibrida: A New DWT-Domain Sound Hybridization Tool
Sociability Evaluation of a Prototype Audio Spatialization System for Teleconferencing and Group Communication Tasks
Mixed Time-Frequency Approach for Multipoint Room Response Equalization
Modeling System for the Cocktail Party Effect
Three-Dimensional Microphone Array for Speech Enhancement in Hands-Free Systems for Cars
Comparing Two Methods Based on Time-Frequency Analysis to Estimate the Instantaneous Mixing Matrix in Blind Audio Source Separation
On the Adaptation to Non-Individualized HRTF Auralizations: A Longitudinal Study
On the Use of Small Microphone Arrays for Wave Field Synthesis Auralization
Feasibility of Virtual Auditory Display Customization through Principal Component Modeling
Projecting Simulated or Recorded Spatial Sound onto 3D-Surfaces
Efficient Rendering of Directional Sound Sources in Wave Field Synthesis
Parametric Spatial Audio Coding Based on Spatial Auditory Blurring
Audio Denoising by Generalized Time-Frequency Thresholding
Audio Morphing for Percussive Hybrid Sound Generation
Reduced-Complexity Modeling of High-Order Nonlinear Audio Systems Using Swept-Sine and Principal Component Analysis
Perceptual Frequency Response Simulator for Music in Noisy Environments
Listening Efficiency Testing
Dissimilarity Test Modelling by Time-Frequency Representation Applied to Engine Sound
A Robust Audio Watermarking System for Acoustic Channels
ESPRIT in Gabor Frames
Comparisons of Parameter Estimation Methods for an Exponential Polynomial Sound Signal Model
Optimal Filter Partitions for Non-Uniformly Partitioned Convolution
Generation Mechanisms of Two-Tone Suppression Using a Cochlear Model
A Binaural Auditory Model for the Evaluation of Reproduced Stereophonic Sound
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