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Building Interactive Networked Musical Environments Using q3osc
Precomputing Geometry-Based Reverberation Effects for Games
Fast and Reliable F0 Estimation Method Based on the Period Extraction of Vocal Fold Vibration of Singing Voice and Speech
An Efficient Implementation of 3-D Audio Engine for Mobile Devices
Design and Evaluation of Physically Inspired Models of Sound Effects in Computer Games
Approaches to Creating Real-Time Adaptive Music in Interactive Entertainment: A Musical Perspective
Game Audio Lab - An Architectural Framework for Nonlinear Audio in Games
Natural Transformation of Type and Nature of the Voice for Extending Vocal Repertoire in High-Fidelity Applications
Phya and VFoley, Physically Motivated Audio for Virtual Environments
How Players Listen
3-D Sound for 3-D Games - Beyond 5.1
Generating Meaningful Sound: Quantifying the Affective Attributes of Sound Effects for Real-Time Sound Synthesis in Audio-Visual Media
Building an OpenAL Implementation Using Ambisonics
Efficient Spatial Sound Synthesis for Virtual Worlds
Augmented Reality Audio for Location-Based Games
Localization Cues Affect Emotional Judgments – Results from a User Study on Scary Sound
SAOC for Gaming – The Upcoming MPEG Standard on Parametric Object Based Audio Coding
Retargetting Example Sounds to Interactive Physics-driven Animations
Binaural Reproduction Over Loudspeakers Using In-situ Measurements of Real Rooms – A Feasibility Study
An Analysis of Differences in Playback Levels Among In-Game Sound Levels, Game Start-up Sounds, and Reference Levels of Game Production Studios
Viable Distribution of Multichannel Audio-over-IP for Live and Interactive “Voice Talent”-Based Gaming Using High-Quality, Low-Latency Audio Codec Technology
Acoustic Dance Dance Revolution (DDR): An Automated Test Tool for 3-D Sound Perception Evaluation with Visually Impaired Users
An Improved Parametric Model for Perception-Based Design of Virtual Acoustics
Education and Training in Game Audio: A Curriculum for a Degree in Audio Design for Game Development
Genre-Specific Methodologies for Gameplay-Influenced Soundtracks
Mapping Sounds into Commands
Localization Quality Assessment in Source Separation-Based Upmixing Algorithms
Acoustic Impulse Response Interpolation for Multichannel Systems Using Dynamic Time Warping
Avoiding Tedium - Fighting Repetition in Game Audio
A Precise Sound Image Panning Method for Side Areas Using 5.1 Channel Audio Systems
Vowel-Based Voice Conversion and Its Application to Singing-Voice Manipulation
Generating a Spatial Average Reverberation Tail Across Multiple Impulse Responses
Performance Analysis and Scoring of the Singing Voice
Kaleivoicecope: Voice Transformation from Interactive Installations to Video Games
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