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Precision Measurement of ADC Effective Number of Bits Using Multi Tones
The Phase Amplitude Control Bit Stream Adder
The Generation of Panning Laws for Irregular Speaker Arrays Using Heuristic Methods
Visual Enhancement Using Multiple Audio Streams in Live Music Performance
A Comparative Study of the Performance of Spatialization Techniques for a Distributed Audience in a Concert Hall Environment
Musical Attractors: A New Method for Audio Synthesis
A New Approach for CD 16Bit Audio to High Resolution 24Bit Audio
Creating and Delivering High-Resolution Multiple 5.1 Surround Music Mixes
Wavelet Based High Resolution Sound Texture Synthesis
Audio Quality on the Air in DAB Digital Radio in Norway
Energy Balance Decision Threshold in SDM Systems
Measured and Theoretical Performance Comparison of a Broadband Circular Microphone Array
MPEG-A Professional Archival Multimedia Application Format (MAF) Under Development
Digital Microphones for High Resolution Audio
Object-Coding for Resolution-Free Musical Audio
System Configuration for High Quality Audio Capturing in a Large Microphone Array
All Digital High Resolution Class D Amplifier Designs Using Power Supply Feed-Forward and Signal Feedback
Perceptual Investigation into Envelopement, Spatial Clarity, and Engulfment in Reproduced Multi-Channel Audio
A Discussion about Subjective Methods for Evaluating Blind Upmix Algorithms
Improved Psychoacoustic Noise Shaping for Requantization of High-Resolution Digital Audio
The Localisation of a Sound Source in a Reverberant Room Using Arrays of Microphones
The Design of Improved First Order Ambisonic Decoders by the Application of Range Removal and Importance in a Heuristic Search Algorithm
Which of the Two Digital Audio Systems Best Matches the Quality of the Analog System?
A Digital Amplification Technology to Optimise Performance with High-Resolution Audio
Horizontal Plane HRTF Reproduction Using Continuous Fourier-Bessel Functions
Modelling and Control of Class-D Power Amplifiers for Vented-Box Loudspeaker Systems
Achieving Real Bandwidth Beyond 20 kHz with a Loudspeaker System
Signal Processing Methods for the Recovery of Audio from Early Acoustic Recordings, Measured Via Non-Contact Optical Sensor
Segmented Dynamic Element Matching Using Delta-Sigma Modulation
HRIR Customization in the Median Plane Via Principal Components Analysis
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