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Methods to Eliminate the Bass Cancellation between LFE and Main Channels
The Effect on Spatial Impression of the Configuration and Directivity of Three Frontal Microphones used in Multi-channel Stereophonic Recording
Recording Immersive 5.1/6.1/7.1 Surround Sound, Compatible Stereo, and Future 3D (with Height)
A Spatialised Sound Environment Synthesizer
Sound Field Processing System using Grouped Reflections Algorithm for Home Theater Systems
Artificial Reverberator to Control Location of Sound Source for Surround Audio System
Experimental 3D Sound Field Analysis with a Microphone Array
Influence of Picture on Impression of Three-Dimensional Multichannel Sound
Audiovisual Perception using Wave Field Synthesis in Combination with Augmented Reality Systems: Horizontal Positioning
Subjective Assessment of the Optimum Number of Loudspeaker Channels in Audio-Visual Applications using Large Screens
Modifications of the MPEG-4 AABIFS Perceptual Approach: Assessed for the Use with Interactive Audio-Visual Application Systems
Use of a High Spatial Resolution Microphone to Characterize the Early Reflections Generated by a WFS Loudspeaker Array
Evaluation of the Circular Harmonics Decomposition for WDAF-based Active Listening Room Compensation
Wave Field Synthesis using Multi-Actuator Panel: Further Steps to Optimal Performance
An Auralization Engine Adapting a 3D Image Source Acoustic Model to an Ambisonics Coder for Immersive Virtual Reality
Coherent Multichannel Emulation of Acoustic Spaces
Efficient State-Space Interpolation of HRTFs
Future Needs to Create Natural 3D Auditory Events via More Channel Headphones for MPEG Surround pPurposes
Spatial Encoding for Digital Waveguide Mesh Room Modeling Applications
Rendering Spatial Reverberation and Perception of Source Distance According to the Minimum-Phase Characteristics
MPEG Surround: The Forthcoming ISO Standard for Spatial Audio Coding
Internet Radio Surround: MPEG Surround over ISMA Ultravox
Overview of Coding Alternatives for Virtual Acoustic Opening Based Applications
Directional Audio Coding in Spatial Sound Reproduction and Stereo Upmixing
Design Criteria for High Quality Upmixers
Controlling the Perceived Spatial Orientation of a Reproduced Human Voice Source
Difference between Musicians and Sound Engineers in Estimation of Egocentric Source Distance in a Concert Hall Stereophonic Recording
Investigations of the Effect of Surround Microphone Setup on Room Perception
Investigating Contextual Dependency in a Pairwise Preference Choice Task
An Examination of the Influence of Musical Selection on Listener Preferences for Multichannel Microphone Technique
Implementation and Application of a Binaural Hearing Model to the Objective Evaluation of Spatial Impression
SpACE-Net – The Spatial Audio Creative Engineering Network
AES - Audio Engineering Society