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3D Audio as an Information Environment
The Ambiophone Derivation of a Recording Methodology Optimized for Ambiophonic Reproduction
Ambiophonic Principles for the Recording and Reproduction of Surround Sound for Music
Ambiophonics Reproduction of Different Stereo Recordings
The analysis of multi-channel sound reproduction algorithms using HRTF data.
Approach and Mixing Technique for Natural Sound Recording of Multichannel Audio
Automatic Speaker Directivity Control for Soundfield Reconstruction
Binaural Room Scanning and Binaural Room Modeling
A challenge in multichannel music recording
A Computer System for Investigating and Building Synthetic Auditory Spaces - Part II
Counter-Tenor with Baroque Ensemble in 5-Channel Surround
Designing Surround Sound Facilities for Higher Education
Discovering the Influence of Visual Stimuli on the Perception of Surround Sound Using Genetic Algorithms
Encoding Spatial Information for Advanced Teleconferencing
Enhancements of Room Simulation with Dynamic Cues Related to Source Position
General Considerations on Audio Multi-Channel Recording
A Hybrid Model for Simulating Diffused First Reflections in Two-Dimensional Synthetic Acoustic Environments
Interaural time difference fluctuations: their measurement, subjective perceptual effect, and application in sound reproduction
A method to convert stereo to multi-channel sound
Microphones with Multi-channel Output
Mixing within a 5.1 Surround Sound Field to Enhance an Acoustic Recording and to Enhance the Simulation of Acoustic Instruments using a MIDI Sound Source
An MPEG-oriented platform for Wave Field Synthesis arrays of loudspeakers
Multichannel Signal Processing Tools - differences to multiple single channel processing
Multi-channel Sound Control Room in NHK - Design policy and guideline
Multichannel Sound Recording of Music: Practical and Technical Aspects
Natural 5.1 Music Recording Based on Psychoacoustic Principals
A New Active Matrix Decoder for Surround Sound
The Number of Loudspeaker Channels
Optimization of Binaural Room Scanning (BRS): Considering inter-individual HRTF-characteristics
Optimizing Surround Sound Systems
PC Based Real-Time Multichannel Convolver for Ambiophonic Reproduction
Practical Surround Sound Production Part-1: Radio Drama
Practical Surround-Sound-Production - Part 2: TV-Documentaries
The Psychoacoustics of Listening Area, Depth, and Envelopment in Surround Recordings, and their relationship to Microphone Technique
The Quality of Professional Surround Audio Reproduction, A Survey Study
Reverb and Room Simulation in the Multichannel Era
Spherical Harmonic Coding of Sound Objects - the Ambisonic 'O' Format
Stereo Width Control based on creation of Virtual Soundfield
Studies on Main and Room Microphone Optimization
A Study on Loudspeaker Arrangement in Multi-Channel Transaural System for Sound Image Localization
Subjective evaluation of the Optimal Source Distribution system for virtual acoustic imaging.
Surround Sound Beyond 5.1
Surround Sound Encoding for Consumer Applications
Surround-Sound Reverberation using Digital Waveguide Mesh Modelling Techniques
Unraveling the perception of spatial sound reproduction: Techniques and experimental design
Using MATLAB/Simulink as an implementation tool for Multi-Channel Surround Sound
Utilizing Omnidirectional Microphone Arrays for Surround Field Recording
Verification and correlation of attributes used for describing the spatial quality of reproduced sound
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