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Cochair's Greeting
Audio Coding in Digital Broadcasting
Streaming-Audio@Internet: Perspectives for the Broadcasters
DVD-Audio Specifications
Dolby Digital: Audio Coding for Digital Television and Storage Applications
The MLP Lossless Compression System
DTS Multi-Channel 96 kHz Audio Compression
The Design of a Video Friendly Audio Coding System for Distribution Applications
MP3 and AAC Explained
MPEG-4 Intellectual Property Management & Protection (IPMP) Overview & Applications
AESSC SC-06-04-Activities on Digital Music Distribution
SDMI: Creating a Marketplace for Secure Digital Music
Filter Banks in Perceptual Audio Coding
MPEG-4 Speech Coding
The MPEG-4 General Audio Coder
An Overview of MPEG-4 Audio Version 2
Application of a Physiological Ear Model to Irrelevance Reduction in Audio Coding
Audio Coding with Auditory Time-Frequency Noise Shaping and Irrelevancy Reducing Vector Quantization
Generalized Audio Coding with MPEG-4 Structured Audio
Warped Low-Delay CELP for Wideband Audio Coding
Exploiting Excess Masking for Audio Compression
Audio Coding Based on Rate-Distortion and Perceptual Optimization Techniques
Sinusoids Plus Noise Modelling for Audio Signals
Advanced Perceptual Digital Audio Coding Algorithm
High-Quality Consistent Analysis-Synthesis in Sinusoidal Coding
Developments with a Zerotree Audio Codec
The Perceptual Audio Coding Concept: From Speech to High-Quality Audio Coding
An Audio Codec for Multiple Generations Compression Without Loss of Perceptual Quality
Improving Lossless Audio Coding
Higher Order Statistical Estimation of Sinusoidality with Applications for Quality Coding of Musical Instruments
Temporal Noise Shaping, Qualtization and Coding Methods in Perceptual Audio Coding: A Tutorial Introduction
Subjective Evaluation of Large and Small Impairments in Audio Codecs
Perceptual Quality Assessment for Digital Audio: PEAQ-The New ITU Standard for Objective Measurement of the Perceived Audio Quality
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