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A Brief History of the Audio Engineering Society's Involvement with Computer-Control Systems
Early History of Computer-Controlled Sound Systems...How Did It All Begin?
AES-15-1991 (PA-422) Standard Communication Interface for Sound Reinforcement Systems
Technical Advancements Leading to Growth of SC-10 and the SC-10 Committee Structure
SC-10-2 Scope and Status
SC10-1 Scope and Status
The AES-24 Protocol: General Architecture and Philosophy
Interface Design for Computer-Controlled Audio Systems
AES-24 Generic Remote Device
It is What's Behind the Windows...Designing Complex Audio Control Systems for Maximum Flexibility
Really Real Time
New Approaches to Loudspeaker System Control
Computer Control and Supervision of the Audio System for the Pennsylvania Convention Center
Fault-Tolerant Distributed Control of the Denver International Airport Voice Paging System
The Expansion of the Orange County Convention Center
A New Sound System for the United States Senate Chamber
The Software Behind the Sound System of the Neues Plenum of the Deutschen Bundestag, Bonn, Germany
Computer-Controlled, Wireless Distributed Digital Audio in Large Facilities: An Overview and Case Study
Embedded Controilers for Audio Devices
Asynchronous Serial Communications
Considerations in Grounding and Shielding Computer-Controlled Audio Devices
A Building Block Approach to Network Control
ZIPI-An Inexpensive, Deterministic, Moderate-Speed Computer Network for Music and Other Media
The Evolution of Recording Studio Remix Automation
Computer-Aided Radio and Television Automation of On-the-Air Studios in Broadcast Facilities
Using Network Technology to Share Music Studio Resources
The Impact of Recording Studio Automation on the AES24 Protocol
Digital Control of Analog Level
A Single-Chip Solution for Stereo Volume Control
Digitally-Controllable Audio Filters and Equalizers
A Microcontroller-Driven Sound Dynamics Processor
Considerations in the Application of an Automatic Spectrum Analyzer
The Subsystem vs. Supersystem Approach to Building Entertainment Audio Control Systems
MIDI Show Control in Action
Grand Designs: The Installation of the Crest NexSys Computer-Controlled Audio System at the MGM Grand Hotel and Grand Adventures Theme Park, Las Vegas, Nevada
Computers on Tour
Design Issues for Digital Audio Networks
Implementing an Audio Local Area Network
Computer-Controlled Sound System for Multi-Purpose Event Space
Real-Time Control of DSP Parametric Equalizers
AES-24 Implemented on a Multi-Purpose Audio Mainframe
PC Interfaced Digital Signal Processing and Acoustical Analysis
Designing New Public Address Systems for Mass Transit Applications Utilizing Computer Control (and Common Sense)
Computer Control at the Gottlieb-Daimler Stadium, Stuttgart, Germany
The New Hong Kong Stadium
Opera Liepzig's New Sound System
The Application of Computer-Controlled Sound Systems in Performing Arts Centers
The Future of Sound Reinforcement System Control: The Arrival of the Purpose-Built Network-Ready Device
Partitioning of Functions in Systems and Products
Inter-Networkability: A Look into Some of the Problems for Multi-Technology Control Systems
The Next Generation
Achieving Cross-Industry Interoperability through the Use of Software Object Binding
60 Seconds of Silence: The Critical Need for Sound System Designers and Installers to Focus on Fail-Safe Operation and Long-Term Reliability
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