Program-Friday, 26 July

AES 50th Conference—Audio Education

(Preliminary program details)

Paper Session

Ear training for non-technical students using a web-based training system.  Akira Nishimura, Tokyo University of Information Sciences

Critical Listening and Acoustics as an Essential Part of the Audio Production and Sound Technology Curriculum.  Paul Thompson, Leeds Metropolitan University;

Ben Mosley, Leeds Metropolitan University; Michael Ward, Leeds Metropolitan University.

Encouraging Students Towards Meaningful Subjective Comparisons.  Bradford Swanson, Pratt Institute.

Experimental comparison of two versions of a technical ear-training program: Transfer of training on tone colour identification to a dissimilarity-rating task.  Mark McKinnon-Bassett, University of Sydney; William Martens, University of Sydney; Densil Cabrera, University of Sydney.

Utilizing Effective Media, Demonstrations and Exercises on the Perception of Sound.  Sandra Guzman, Columbia College Chicago; S. Benjamin Kanters, Columbia College Chicago; Pantelis Vassilakis, Columbia College Chicago.  


Effective College Teaching: planning for instruction, designing effective lessons, and devising meaningful assignments

Job Skills, Careers and Academic Preparation: An Industrial Perspective

 Paper Session

Professional Certifications Place in Higher Education.  Adam Olson, Shenandoah University.

A Collegiate Audio Internship Program: A Comprehensive Model.  Daniel Pfeifer, Middle Tennessee State University.

The Case of the Unsuccessful Student: Exploring an Assessment Model Used at a Canadian For-Profit Postsecondary Institution.  Benjamin Coulas, Art Institute of Vancouver.

Paper Session

Teaching Audio Signal Processing Theory without Calculus or Complaints.  Will Pirkle, University of Miami.

Learn about Harmonics by means of Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifier.  Toshihiko Hamasaki, Hiroshima Institute of Technology.

Feedback Frequency Identification and Reduction Primer (FFIRP): Development of a Training and Application E-book.  Mike Estep, Cameron University; Chuiyuan Meng, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

A simple, Educational Microphone Preamplifier Design to Support the Teaching of Introductory Electronics to Students of Audio.  Robert-Eric Gaskell, McGill University.

 Paper Session

Atlantic Crossing: 20 Years of Music Production and Recording at the University of Stavanger.  Mark Drews, University of Stavanger.

Sea and sound waves: Islands of the North Atlantic and the challenges of on-line music collaboration in a new Scottish university.  Miriam Iorwerth, University of the Highlands and Islands; David Paterson, University of the Highlands and Islands; Mark Sheridan, University of the Highlands and Islands. 


Towards a systematic ear training curriculum: Effective and efficient learning in audio education

Current Practices in the Delivery and Assessment of Internships in Audio Education

Integrating Metadata Education into Existing Recording Curricula

 Social Event

• Nashville Studio Crawl and Reception



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