HK Thiele Archive Report 2002-08-06

Prof. Dr. Manfred Krause
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Re: Report on current activities in the HK Thiele Archive (August 2002)

In the past months considerations were made how to structure the data base of the archive. Indeed, Heinz Thiele prepared the structure of a catalogue but this does not meet really the aspects a data base should have. His catalogue entries only point to technical properties of audio and video equipment but do not directly onto inventors, companies, equipment names, etc. In my opinion these aspects are often more interesting for historical research because people do remember these better. So first attempts were made in order to refer on this too.

While I stay in the summer months off Berlin, the contact to the students programming the data base at the Technical University is reduced to email contacts. Therefore I expect further results in mid-October.

When I prepared my lecture on -The legendary Magnetophon of AEG- for the AESHC session on the 112th AES Convention in Munich I referred to photographs, circuit plots etc. that Heinz Thiele had gathered over so many years. Here I found many objects in envelopes. However, they were not systematically ordered and in many cases without any comment. Due to the reaction of participants of my lecture in Munich I felt that there was some interest to have access to this matter when the HKT-Archive data base will be available. Therefore I started to complete the missing information and to save the valuable objects in new folders. Next, I shall scan the images with reasonable resolution and store them together with their descriptions on CD-ROMs for later integration in a special section of the data base.

Manfred Krause, 2002-08-06

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