Death of Prof. Manfred Krause


 Unfortunately, I have to inform you of the death of a highly regarded German AES member and colleague who has contributed a  great deal to our society:

 Professor Dr. Ing. Manfred Krause passed away on 2003 August 9, at the age of 69 years. He was a victim of stomach cancer, and had found out about it only 4 weeks before the end.

 The funeral was on Friday, 2003 August 29, in Berlin.

 Krause was a professor for the education of "Tonmeister" at the Technical University of Berlin. He also served as workshop chairman at the AES Convention in Berlin in 1993, and has recently been the Project Leader for the AES Historical Committee's "HK Thiele Archive" project. (I will be working with the University to find a new home for the HK Thiele Archive of historic papers and recording  equipment.)

 I have already sent a letter of condolence in the name of the AES North German Section to his widow, and will attend the funeral in Berlin. Additionally, Dr. Bernhard Feiten, AES member and a former assistant to Prof. Krause and I will write the "In Memoriam" for the AES Journal.


 Dipl. Ing.
 Reinhard O. Sahr

AES - Audio Engineering Society