Edison NHS Photos

28016004.jpg Caption: Douglas Fairbanks; 1927; {28.016/4} (jpg) from

28026005.jpg Caption: Portrait of Mary Pickford; Ca. 1927; {28.026/5} (jpg). from

29001055.jpg Caption: Sketch of Original Phonograph; November 29, 1877; {29.001/55} (jpg). from

29001060.jpg Caption: Page from Edison Phonograph Monthly; July, 1910; {29.001/60} (jpg). from

29001061.jpg Caption: Page 25-12 from B-130, Drawing of Phonograph in Legal Case; July 18, 1877; {29.001/61} (jpg). from

29110000.jpg Caption: Invalid image number -- need to troubleshoot;{29.110/0} (jpg).

29110013.jpg Caption: Original Tin-foil Phonograph; West Orange, NJ?; Ca. 1877; {29.110/13} (jpg). from

29110016.jpg Caption: Original Tin-foil Phonograph; Paris, France; 1888; {29.110/16} (jpg). from

29110027.jpg Caption: Rendering of a Class "E" Electric Phonograph, 1888 Model; 1888; {29.110/27} (jpg). from

29110040.jpg Caption: Edison Perfected Phonograph, 1889 Model, with Primary Battery; Unknown Date; {29.110/40} (jpg). from

29110061.jpg Caption: Edison Triumph Phonograph Presented to Porfirio Diaz on His Birthday, September 15, 1904; September 15, 1904;{29.110/61} (jpg). from

29110068.jpg Caption: Edison Standard Phonograph {Model "E"}; 1908; {29.110/68} (jpg). from

29110070.jpg Caption: Edison Standard Phonograph, Model "F" or "G"; Ca. 1909; {29.110/70} (jpg). from

29110119.jpg Caption: Edison Amberola (B)-I with Grill Removed Showing Speaker; Unknown Date; {29.110/119} (jpg). from

29120003.jpg Caption: Edison Disc Phonograph, A-80; May 5, 1913; {29.120/3} (jpg). from

29140004.jpg Caption: Talking Doll Unclothed, Voice Mechanism Alongside; West Orange, NJ; May 20, 1940; {29.140/4} (jpg). from

29150002.jpg Caption: Two Men Listening to Graphophone; Unknown Date; {29.150/2} (jpg). from

29200015.jpg Caption: Edison Cylinder Records Being Sold from Horse and Wagon, {By an Assistant to August Sturm, Part-time Vendor of Cylinders and Phonographs?}; 1906; {29.200/15} (jpg). from

29310004.jpg Caption: Ediphone Given to Leo Tolstoy by Edison in 1908, on Display at the Tolstoy Museum; Moscow, USSR; Ca. 1940; {29.310/4} (jpg). from

29320084.jpg Caption: Surgeon Using Ediphone; September 2, 1915; {29.320/84} (jpg). from

29320091.jpg Caption: Pope Pius Xi with Ediphone Made Especially for Him; Vatican City; Unknown Date; {29.320/91} (jpg). from

29320214.jpg Caption: Kazemhe, a Lunda Chief in the Belgian Congo, Speaking into an Ediphone Which Is Used by Missionaries for Language Study; Belgian Congo; Unknown Date; {29.320/214} (jpg). from

29320479.jpg Caption: Publicity Shot, Man Seated at Desk, Speaking into Ediphone Speaking Tube; Unknown Date; {29.320/479} (jpg). from

29430002.jpg Caption: Harry Anthony Making Record; Ca. 1907-1910; {29.430/2} (jpg). from

29500016.jpg Caption: Two Women Listening to Edison Portable Phonograph as Two Other Women Dance to the Music; Unknown Date;{29.500/16} (jpg). from

29530075.jpg Caption: Window Display, Southern California Music Co; Los Angeles, Ca?; October 14, 1908; {29.530/75} (jpg). from

29700003.jpg Caption: Phonograph Arcade, Patrons Listening to Phonographs Through Ear Tubes; Unknown Date; {29.700/3} (jpg). from

29700004.jpg Caption: Phonograph Arcade, Patrons Listening to Phonographs Through Ear Tubes; Unknown Date; {29.700/4} (jpg). from

29700009.jpg Caption: Farm Family with Edison Phonograph; Skidmore, Mo; Unknown Date; {29.700/9} (jpg). from

33000021.jpg Caption: Stock Ticker; Unknown Date; {33.000/21} (jpg). from

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