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  • Audio Engineering Society special publications include "An Afternoon with Jack Mullin" (VHS) and "A Chronology of American Tape Recording" (VHS)
  • Lost & Found Sound, vol. 1, double CD companion to the radio series, "Lost & Found Sound," broadcast 1999-2000 on National Public Radio's All Things Considered. CD available from NPR.
  • Southern Journey V. 1: Voices from the American South - Blues, Ballads, Hymns, Reels, Shouts, Chanteys and Work Songs. "A voyage of the road and the mind, pioneering the use of stereo recording in the field, Alan Lomax's Southern Journey is a 13-volume series of original recordings evoking the musical world of the rural South and an era before radio, movies and television. In 1959 and 1960 Alan Lomax returned to the South to rediscover the still-vibrant traditions of our country. " CD available from Rounders Records, ROUN1701
  • Tailenders, The. A Documentary by Adele Horne. "Filmed in the Solomon Islands, Mexico, India, and the United States,The Tailenders examines a missionary organization's use of ultra-low-tech audio devices to evangelize indigenous communities facing crises caused by global economic forces. Joy Ridderhoff founded Gospel Recordings in 1939 in Los Angeles. She remembered how crowds had gathered around gramophones in the Honduran villages where she had worked as a missionary, and decided that rather than compete with this medium, she would use it to preach. The organization that she founded has now produced audio recordings of Bible stories in over 5,000 languages, and aims to record in every language on earth. They distribute these recordings along with hand-wind players in regions with limited access to electricity and media." DVD available from
  • Unreleased Edison Laterals, CDs available from Diamond Cut Productions catalog


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