AESHC Minutes from 107th Convention

AESHC Minutes from 107th Convention

Audio Engineering Society Historical Committee

Minutes from 1999 September 26 Meeting of AESHC held during the

107th AES Convention, New York

Present at the meeting were the following AESHC members: Ms. Marina Bosi, Mr. David Robinson, Mr. J. G. (Jay) McKnight, Mr. Donald J. Plunkett, Mr. Albert B. Grundy, Mr. Gerald Gibson Mr. Roberto Beppato, Mr. Elmar Leal, Mr. Robert van der Hilst, Mr.Ted Sheldon, Ms. Tita Posada, Mr. Karl O. Bäder, Mr. Ron Streicher, Mr. John M. Eargle, Mr. Irv Joel, Mr. John Woodgate, Mr. Sid Feldman, Mr. John K. Chester, Mr. Menno van der Veen, Mr. Jim Hunter, Mr. David Bialik, Mr. Dan Gaydos.

Regrets: Mr. Hermann A. O. Wilms, Mr. Manfred Krause, Mr. Yoshizo Sohma, Mr. Pieter Bollen.

The meeting was chaired and opened by Mr. J. G. (Jay) McKnight, Chairman of the AESHC.

  1. Opening remarks and introductions of the members present
  2. Mr. Menno van der Veen requested an amendment to the agenda, to discuss the 25th celebration book of the Dutch section for publishing, which was coming up later in the meeting and was added on to the agenda. The agenda was approved.
  3. Minutes from the AES 106th Convention in Munich were approved.
  4. The Chair then reviewed with the attendees the Structure of the AESHC and the officers that had been appointed in Munich by the AES president, Ms. Marina Bosi. This document has now been renamed the AESHC Guidelines. They had been originally posted temporarily on . [They were  moved to the AESHC website when it was established.]
  5. The AESHC website and e-mail reflectors systems were discussed, and the decision was made to accept the offer of the donated connections and server from Mr. David Josephson who will also provide an FTP site and website as long as the traffic can be handled by the connection he has. The URL for this site will be linked from the main AES website, for which the server administrator will be requested to make a link.
  6. The first project, the "Audio and AES Timeline" was discussed. It will be published on the AESHC website, and AES student, regional specialist, and AES sections AESHC members are invited to select an event or an invention for further research. After approval by the AESHC, the results of their research will be linked from the AESHC.
  7. The Chair told the members present that a cataloging system for classifying inventions and developments has been made by Mr. Heinz Thiele. Mr. Thiele's collection has been received by the TU of Berlin, and we are awaiting Mr. Manfred Krause's comments regarding when we can have an electronic index of the system.
  8. A clarification and discussion of the drafted AESHC Guidelines yielded the answers for the revisions. A new region was set up by the Chair, creating the Latin American Region within the AESHC with Mr. Elmar Leal appointed as Chair, and Ms. Tita Posada as Secretary. The final draft document will then be put on the AESHC web site for a vote of approval by the membership via e-mail.
  9. Mr. Irv Joel gave an update and showed the progress of the oral history, with the presentation of a segment of one of the video tapings.
  10. The AES Headquarters is to be refurbished, and it will be necessary to find another home for the extensive library of journals and books that have been donated to the Society over many years. Mr. Irv Joel has agreed to work with Executive Director Roger Furness to catalog and box this library.
  11. The Dutch section request for publishing their 25th celebration book was discussed. The conclusion was that first the whole book had to be translated into English, from which sections can put up on the AES sections website. These sections websites will be used to research the cost recovery possibility of the publication of a book, and will be linked from the AESHC website to the sections website.
  12. The creation and estimate of the committee budget for one year of operation was discussed. A budget will be prepared and submitted to the AES Treasurer for approval at the next day's AES Financial Committee meeting.
  13. The next meeting will be held in Paris during the 108th AES convention.
  14. As there was no further business, the Chair thanked the members and closed the meeting.
Draft RVDH 1999-10-17, Revised 2000-01-21 J McK
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