AESHC Minutes 99-05-10

AESHC Minutes 99-05-10 Audio Engineering Society Historical Committee

Minutes from 1999 May 10 Meeting of
AESHC held during the 106th AES Convention, Munich

Present at the meeting were the following AESHC members: Ms. Marina Bosi, Mr. David Robinson, Mr. Subir K. Pramanik, Mr. Albert B. Grundy, Mr. Roberto Beppato, Mr. Manfred Krause, Mr. Yoshizo Sohma, Mr. Kees A. Schouhamer Immink, Mr. Heinz H. K. Thiele, Mr. Sean Davies, Mr. Rudolf Mueller, Mr. Ulrich Apel, Mr. Andreas Meyer, Mr. Heinrich Pichler, Mr. Chris Muth, Mr. Cornelis H. van der Gragt, Mr. Jiri Ocenasek, Mr. Dan Popescu, Mr. Friedrich Engel, Mr. Peter Ford, Mr. Jean-Marc Fontaine, Mr. David Josephson, Mr. George Brock Nannenstad, Mr. Tim Shelton, Mr. Karl O. Bäder, Mr. Pieter F.J. Bollen, Mr. Hermann A. O. Wilms and Mr. Robert van der Hilst.

Regrets: Mr. Donald J. Plunkett, Mr. J. G. (Jay) McKnight, Mr. Gerald Gibson.

The meeting was chaired and opened by Mr. Robert van der Hilst and Mr. Hermann A. O. Wilms.

Ms. Marina Bosi, the AES president, announced that the AES Board of Governors had approved the proposed Guidelines for the operation of the AESHC .

Ms. Bosi next announced the appointment of the following officers of the AESHC:

Chairman Emeritus, Donald J. Plunkett
Historical Committee Chairman, J. G. (Jay) McKnight
Committee Secretaries, Robert van der Hilst and Hermann A.O. Wilms
North America Chairman, Mr. Gerald Gibson
European Chairman, Mr. Roberto Beppato
International Regions Chairman, Mr. Takeo Yamamoto
AES Historical Archives, Mr. Albert B. Grundy
North America Secretary, Mr. Ted Sheldon
European Secretary, Mr. Manfred Krause
International Secretary, Mr. Yoshizo Sohma.

Mr. Robert van der Hilst explained the tasks of the Historical Committee, according to the proposed Guidelines. In the discussion that followed about the tasks, a couple of minor corrections were made. The document was then put to a vote, and was approved unanimously.

A point was brought up that the AESHC must have some contact with other organizations, such as SMPTE, IEEE. Members present pointed out that many of the AESHC members are already members of these organizations, and therefore these other groups are well represented within the AESHC.

The creation and estimate of the committee budget for one year of operation was discussed, and the conclusion was reached that a realistic number for the first year setup of the committee would be $ 5000.00. A request for this amount will be prepared and submitted to the AES Board for approval.

For projects with an AESHC approved number that do not make use of the AESHC website and e-mail reflectors, the need for a separate budget must be requested and approved.

The first project will be continuing the work on the Audio and AES timeline that was published during the 50th Anniversary year of the AES. The AES student sections and AESHC members are invited to select an event or an invention for further research. After approval by the AESHC, the results of their research will be linked from the AESHC website. AES student sections will have access to the AESHC e-mail reflectors, and can, by this means, further contact Regional or AES History specialists via the reflector systems.

The cataloging system for classifying the inventions and developments made in audio engineering, based on the work of HK Thiele, was explained and approved.

The next meeting will be held in New York during the 107th AES convention. As there was no further business, Mr. Hermann A. O. Wilms and Mr. Robert van der Hilst thanked the members and closed the meeting.

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