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Raniero Palm

Raniero Palm

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  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio
  • Recording Industry - Home/Project Studio
  • Live Sound - Concert Sound
  • Educational Institutions - Educator

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  • Producer
  • Composer
  • Mixer
  • Musician/Talent
  • Sound Designer


Venezuelan-Italian producer born in San Cristóbal, Venezuela, in 1983, with Italian nationality because of his ancestry. When he was 6 years old he started to study music at the Miguel Ángel Espinel Music School in Tachira State, Venezuela, where he took Piano and music theory lessons. At the same time he entered the Musiyama Academy of the Yamaha foundation of Venezuela, where he studied Electone organ for more than 7 years. At the age of 13 he entered the National System of child and Youth orchestras in Venezuela, where he studied rhytmics, choral practice, musical language and violin. In that same time period he studied at "Escuela Integral para las Artes Judith Jaimes", where, during 4 years, he continued studying piano with Dr. Liliana Fleites from the Tchaikovsky institute in Moscow, and he also studied Harmony and analysis of musical forms with professor Rafael Saavedra.

On the other hand, when he was 15 he studied at the National Institute of Capacitation and Education (INCES), where he obtained the degree of Technician in Electronics, Radio and Television. Likewise, he studied For Integral Technician in Systems at the "Systems Plus" Institute in the City of Cúcuta (Colombia).

Later on, at the end of 2000, he entered Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador (UPEL), where, after 5 years, he obtained a degree of Teacher Specialist in Music, with an academic record of 9,02 points in a scale of 0 to 10, being one of the most outstanding students of his class. In 2006 he was accepted at Universidad del Táchira (UNET), to pursue master studies in Educational Management.

During that same year (2006) he founded his musical production company "Caña Loca", named after the first music band he was part of as a teenager. This enterprise has had a constant growth both in infrastructure and experience. In this enterprise, Raniero has taken care of all kinds of recordings and musical productions: jingles for advertising campaigns, musical productions for beauty pageants, theatrical musicals , and entire albums for multiple artists, from genres as diverse as ballad, venezuelan and Colombian traditional folkloric music, pop, rock, and symphonic orchestral music.

Raniero Palm in his still short career has authored more than 100 compositions, in which he has also taken care of music arrangements, recording, mixing and mastering of the songs. Besides, as a keyboard player he has recorded in more than a hundred songs for several artists from different genres. And as a producer, his discography surpasses 300 tracks.

At the studio he has worked with artists from different genres, such as: Clayton Uehara, Radiomotora, Keny &Tony, Statika, Radikl, Horacio Blanco (Desorden Público), Huáscar Barradas, Ensamble Sonidos de Venezuela, venezuelan National System of child and youth orchestras' Special Education Program, "Luis Gilberto Mendoza" Youth Symphony orchestra of Tachira State, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Tachira State, Typical Youth orchestra of Tachira State, Coral del Táchira, Coral del Táchira' s youth Ensemble, Niños Cantores del Táchira, Génesis Márquez, Gregory Pino, Gabo & Shay.

He has taken part in multiple workshops on recording, mastering, live audio, and 5.1 channels mixing, with distinguished and respected engineers of the musical industry.

In 2008 he founded the backline rental company STAGE1.CA with his friends and colleagues Ray Contreras and Luis Bermúdez, where he works as general director and production manager. With this company he has toured with highly acclaimed artists such as Marc Anthony, Carlos Vives, Willie Colón, Noel Shajris, Anahí, Alex Campos, Rojo, Tercer Cielo, Funky, Chino y Nacho, Oscarcito, Tony Meléndez, Malanga, Desorden Público, just to name a few.

In 2009 he founded the trademark and pop rock band Statika, which was highly praised by the public and whose compositions reached the top of popularity, being at number one in the General list of the Record Report, a venezuelan list of radio, tv and media broadcasting frequency similar to the top Billboard in the USA. With Statika he toured several times, reaching audiences of up to twenty thousand people in their live concerts.

Raniero Palm has made compositions and musical productions that have reached the top spots in the lists of the more heard songs in his home country, and they have also been in high rotation in international music channels such as HTV.

Several artists have trusted him to display their talent in the best way, from composition or arrangements to their songs, through recording and selection of the best artistic and technologic ingredients for their production, to even trust his criterion and knowledge so that their concert becomes a success both musically and technically.

Raniero, thanks to his broad and varied studies and experience, is meticulous and exigent at work, both on stage and at the studio. Although in many cases he is the general director of all technical and artistic crew, he doesn´t let any detail go off guard, and takes care, for instance, of of a drums tech, checking everything, from tuning-up of the drum set to the placement and selection of microphones, and he operates the digital audio console both in main F.OH and in monitors. He is one of those who in many cases takes care of the arrangements and harmonizing of the music scores from a whole section of classical strings, up to achieving the final mix of the single or live concert.

In his recording studio he is a collector of timbres, from brazilian drums, snare drums, guitar amps, preamplifiers and microphones, in order to have a vast range of sound colors when it's time to make imagination fly at the service of the artist.

Raniero is member of several associations related to his profession: the Venezuelan Society of authors and composers SACVEN, the national association of phonographic interpreters and producers AVINPRO, the national academy of Christian music and arts ANMAC, the Audio Engineering Society (AES), and he is also a voting member of the Latin Academy of Recording Arts (LARAS), an organization in charge of the Latin Grammy awards. Besides, he has received several acknowledgements and awards for his outstanding work: 7 Obelisco awards with Statika as producer of the year, 2 nominations to the Venezuelan Pepsi Music awards for his productions with Radiomotora, and the condecoration "Orden Francisco García de Hevia" for composing the musical theatrical opus "San Cristóbal el musical".

Currently, Raniero Palm continues his activities in musical production, not only in Caña Loca studios in Venezuela but also in several other latitudes, always searching for new timbres, colors, and sounds with different professionals of the music industry to imprint quality to his productions.

Non-AES Awards & Award Nominations

Latin Grammy Award 2016 (Best Children Music Album) Like Recording Engineering & Music Producer
Arpa Award 2016 (Best Alternative Album) Like Recording Engineering & Music Producer
7 Obelisco Awards
2 Pepsi Music Nominations
Condecoracion Francisco García de Hevia

Education Background

Bachelor Degree of Music Univeridad Pedagogía Libertador
Magister Cienciae Education Management
System Media Tech

Technician in electronics, radio and color television
July 05 1997 "Private Institute of Electronic Technology Electronics" (160 Academy Hours) San Cristóbal-Venezuela.

Workshop "Hablemos Audio 5.1" About in Mixing 5.1 Chanel for Cinema (20 Academy Hour) "Hablemos Audio" by Gustavo Gonzales Mixing Engineering 22 & 23 March 2014 Caracas0Venezuela

Workshop "Hablemos Audio 2014" (20 Academy Hour) by Jesus Jimenez "Mastering Engineering", German Landaeta "Recording & Mixing Engineering", Rudy Palgliuca "Music Producer". 10 & 11 June 2014 Caracas-Venezuela

Workshop "Como Suena" about Recording & Mixing Engineering by Rafael Pirela "Recording Engineering" & Tomas Juth "Recording & Mixing Engineering" Aug 23 2013 Caracas-Venezuela

Workshop "Hablemos Audio en Vivo" about Live audio mixing (14 Academy Hour) by German Landaeta "Recording October 18 2013 Caracas-Venezuela

Employment History

C.E.O Caña Loca Recording Studios
Production Manager & C.E.O STAGE 1 C.A

Related Experience

Music Producer Televisora Regional del Tachira


Final de la Av Principal de Pueblo Nuevo
Urbanizacion Piedra del Jurungo Quinta la Jurunguera
5001 San Cristobal Tachira
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