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Randy Ramirez Leal

Randy Ramirez Leal

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  • Live Sound - Concert Sound
  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio
  • Other: Researcher

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  • Owner/Director
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Other: Sound Design, Music Composer and Teacher


An artist with a spirit of an engineer.

Jarocho-born engineer, guitar player, composer, researcher. Teaching, concerts, touring & arts are my religions.

Non-AES Awards & Award Nominations

IMAS 2016 (Indie-O Music Awards) - "El premio de la gente" & "Mejor disco de folclore popular"
2014 LUKAS (Latinamerican United Kingdom Awards) International Breakthrough Artist - Sonex "Madre Natura" - Recording Engineer.
2012 CONACULTA IVEC (National Council for Culture and Arts, Mexico)-
2011 IMJUVE (Mexican Institute of Youth).
2011 Veracruz State Goverment, Youth Parlament.

Education Background

Audio Engineering & Music Production (Guitar as Instrument) - Fermatta Mexico City, México
Former Berklee International Network School.
SAE - Mixing, Mastering, Compression, Live Sound.
ITESM CSF - Psychoacoustic & Neuroscience of hearing.
University of Veracruz - Jazzuv (2 diplommas).
Sound design for film - ANUIES (diplomma).
Administration - Ministry of Economy (diplomma).
Beyond Chops - Grove School of Music.

Employment History

2018-present FOH Engineer - Espectáculo "Jarocho"
2016-present FOH Engineer Los Aguas Aguas (Mexican music band)
2009 - (present) University of Veracruz UV.
2011 - (present) LA CASA DE NADIE AC (NGO) - President.
2011 - (present) El Sonido de Nadie - Studio owner, music producer, engineer & researcher.
2014 - (present) REALIA - Teacher of Master in Cultural Production - Sound Reinforcement Techniques (Masters Degree).
2005 - (present) Freelance.
2008 - DMM Films, Mexico.
2005-2007 - Music House, Mexico DF.

Related Experience

14 years as engineer, sound designer, composer, musician, teacher and researcher.

Why Am I An AES Member?

For passion & research, professional goals.

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