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Synchronized Swept-Sine: Theory, Application, and Implementation - October 2015

Effect of Microphone Number and Positioning on the Average of Frequency Responses in Cinema Calibration - October 2015
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The Measurement and Calibration of Sound Reproducing Systems - July 2015

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Peter G. Cook

Peter G. Cook

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  • Educational Institutions - Educator
  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio

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  • Educator
  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Recording Engineer


In the AES world I am Chair of the Regions and Sections Committee. I work with the Vice Presidents of the various AES Regions to help establish and support AES Sections and to stimulate development and growth of the AES around the world. I also sit on the Board of Governors, Membership Committee, Nominations Committee, and the President's Advisory Group.

I worked on the web dev committee which led to the relaunching of a few years ago. I was very pleased to receive the Board of Governors award for the work that we did. Major kudos to then webmaster - now CIO - Steve Johsnon who is responsible for the 'plumbing', Josh Tidsbury who was responsible for the design and css, and Nick Zacharov who helped get the project support at the BoG level. I contributed to some of the site navigation, user interface and organization of the site, the AES Member Profile and the forms used to submit section meeting reports. Much more needs to be done but this was an important start.

I served on the executive of the Toronto Section in various positions from 1993 until 2006. We were the second AES section in the world to have a website (someone beat us out by a couple of months). Prior to that I got the McGill Section started when I was a student there . . . many years ago!

In my (paid!) working life I am now a Professor of Audio Production in the Bachelor of Music degree at Humber. We have a great recording studio and a lot of wonderful musicians playing music of all genres. We're giving them some experience in the recording studio environment, some producing chops and we hope to instil in them a love of great sound.

Prior to Humber, I worked for 19 years at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I spent 15 years as Recording Engineer/Producer for for CBC Records, mostly doing music editing and mastering but also some recording and producing. From 2006 - 2010 I was heavily involved in establishing CBC Radio 2's web presence. We set up a blog for the music service, got the shows posting, established Twitter accounts, posted concerts of all musical genres which the audience could stream, posted enhanced podcasts and lots more along with generally trying to keep the quality of audio on the service as good as it could be. Heady times.

Since 1993, I have taught a class during the winter term at the very fine Masters of Music in Sound Recording program at McGill University in Montreal. I've also made many visits to the Banff Centre as Guest Faculty in their amazing Music and Sound program.

I have been involved with the AES at one level or another since I joined as a student member in 1986. The AES keeps me connected to what's happening in the world of audio. I've met a lot of the most extraordinary people in our industry. The AES has opened a whole world of opportunities for me.

AES Awards

In 2009, Peter Cook was presented with the AES Board of Governors Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to the AES web site.

Why Am I An AES Member?

I have been involved with the AES since I joined as a student member in 1986. Through the AES I've met a lot of the most extraordinary people in our industry. The AES keeps me connected to what's happening in the world of audio and has opened a whole world of opportunities for me.

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