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Nitin K. Bhongade

Nitin K. Bhongade

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Audio Fields:

  • Recording Industry - Post Production
  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio
  • Recording Industry - Home/Project Studio
  • Recording Industry - Mastering Studio
  • Recording Industry - Film/Video Sound

Job Duty:

  • Student


I am from Indian and now studying in Uk.
I have done computer science and engineering in my bachelor degree from India and now doing Master In Music Technology and Production at University of York Uk..
I am concentrating on Dance Music and Electronic Music production and recording Classical Music in Live performance, Film Background Score.

My current research is about Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence Aiding to Music post-production

Education Background

BE Computer science and Engineering
MA Music Production (Production and Technology)

Why Am I An AES Member?

To learn More about Audio Science and Engineering , to get involved with audio Community and learn new ways of doing production and recording.
I also want to get involved with people doing research in Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence Aiding to Music post-production.

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