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Michael Turner

Michael Turner

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  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Transducers
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Hardware
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Research & Development
  • Educational Institutions - Educator

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  • Technical Director
  • Consultant
  • Designer
  • Engineer
  • Researcher
  • Systems Designer


I began my career with the BBC in London, working on a wide range of projects in sound radio. I moved on after a couple of years, not without with regrets, although career development mandated a change. My next post took me into industrial electronics, developing high performance industrial motor controls and servo systems with S.R. Drives Ltd - then a university spin-off.

I've remained with S.R. Drives through its acquisition by U.S. multi-national Emerson Electric and subsequently Nidec Corporation of Japan, and am now U.K. Technical Director with responsibility for engineering in both R&D and production. I'm privileged to work with a team of about 60 staff in the U.K. as well as many Nidec colleagues in the USA, Japan and world-wide.

Although I've formally been working outside of the audio industry for some years, I've retained my life-long passion for the field, and am able to indulge this with a well-equipped home lab. I've been researching active control of loudspeakers - a topic actually not so very far removed from my day-job (just a different kind of motor...) and received a PhD in 2010 as a result of this work. I also enjoy recording classical and other live (mostly acoustic) music. The history of audio and broadcasting is another strong interest of mine, as more recently (and unfortunately — at least for the space in my study!) is collecting, transferring and restoring historical 78 rpm discs.

For those who may want to know such things, I have an honours degree in electrical engineering and 19 patents in the fields of motors, electronics and controls. I have published a number of papers, mostly in the field of motor control but also at AES Conventions. I have a diverse range of technical interests and design experience, from low noise and power analogue (using both solid-state and vacuum tubes), through embedded digital control and DSP, to switched-mode power at hundreds of kilowatts. I'm a U.K. Chartered Engineer, a member of the IET, IEEE and AES, and have a PhD concerned with active control of loudspeaker motors.

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