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Jesus I. Agnew

Jesus I. Agnew

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Audio Fields:

  • Recording Industry - Mastering Studio
  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio
  • Recording Industry - Duplication/Replication
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Hardware
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Research & Development
  • Educational Institutions - Educator
  • Other: Disk Cutting Engineer

Job Duties:

  • Engineer
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Author/Journalist/Technical Writer
  • Composer
  • Educator
  • Hardware Designer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Musician/Talent
  • Owner/Director
  • Recording Engineer
  • Researcher


Having pursued an interdisciplinary education and consistently taking every opportunity to learn and acquire skills, I have contributed to companies and projects in a wide range of fields. My diverse work experience in different sectors of industry, technology and the arts has granted me with an in-depth understanding of the particularities of different professional environments as well as different forms of legislation and culture in the global market.
I am currently in full-time employment as a disk mastering engineer at Magnetic Fidelity, cutting lacquer master disks for commercial vinyl record manufacturing. I occasionally also conduct direct-to-master recordings using analog equipment, some of which have become hugely successful, remaining in high positions in the charts for many months. Additionally, I offer engineering consulting services within my field of expertise and have recently founded Agnew Analog Reference Instruments to further the art and science of audio engineering.

Education Background

University of Sheffield

PhD Hybrid Modular Synthesis Systems

Conducted research on the subject of existing analog and digital au-
dio/video synthesis systems, experimental work with hybrid technolo-
gies, development of experimental hybrid audio/video synthesis systems.
Production of video art work, demonstrating the potential and capabilities
of hybrid systems. Presentation of research findings and development in

Master of Arts in Sonic Arts and Media Production

Music Department Research Training Modules in Research Techniques
and Critique of Research. Attended Intermediate and Advanced Digital
Studio Modules based on Max/MSP, Pure Data, Adobe Suite of Graphics
and Video Editing Software, Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase, Software
Programming in C++. Creative Media Foundation and Portfolio involving
projects in sonic art work, audio-visual work and installations, essays,
portfolio of audio works and media production. The Master Thesis
was a unique web-based collaborative sound synthesis engine running
as a server application, incorporating various forms of remote control,
interaction and automation, presented at the Linux Audio Conference
2009 in Parma, Italy.

Fire Training

Received training in the use of fire fighting equipment, the security of
buildings in the event of fire, and an insight in fire prevention.

Elementary General Safety for Out of Hours

Received training in the prevention of accidents in the workplace, safe
management of occupational hazards, and general good practice for
working out-of-hours.

First Aid

Received training in administering first aid for a variety of situations
such as wounds, cuts, burns, blocked airways, loss of consciousness and
occupational hazards.

Diploma in Music Technology and Sound

IEK Delta

Attended modules in Acoustics, Audio Theory, Sound Engineering, Record-
ing, Mixing, Sequencing, MIDI Theory, Synthesizer Programming, Sound
Synthesis Techniques, Live Electronics, Digital Scoring, Music Industry,
Radio, Theater and Film Music, Music Teaching Methods, Instrumenta-
tion, Elements and Forms of the Music of the 20th Century, Music History,
Morphology and Analysis of Music, Hearing and Vocal Training, Business
Dexterity and Communication Skills, Choir Training. Presented several
projects and a dissertation in audio production in the form of a full-length
album of original music.

Self-Directed Education

Audio Engineering

Specialised in Advanced Recording Techniques, Acoustics, Transducer
Design, Analog Tape Recording and Reproduction, Disk Recording and
Reproduction, PCM and DSD A/D and D/A conversions, Amplification
Systems, Sound Synthesis, Studio Design, Analog and Digital Media Pro-
duction, Mastering and Pre-Mastering, Multi-Channel Audio, Advanced
Signal Processing, Audio Restoration, Hypersonic Effect, Psychoacoustics,
Full Range Monitoring Systems, Vinyl Record Manufacturing, and Tape
Duplication Systems.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Specialised in Electronics Theory, Component Technology, Automation
Systems, Audio Electronics, Analog Electronics, Analog Signal Processing,
Electromagnetic Components, Circuit Design and Prototyping, Manufacturing Methods, and Electrical Installations.

Mechanical Engineering

Specialised in Strength of Materials, Metallurgy, Machining and Fabri-
cation, Pneumatic Installations and Equipment, Hydraulic Installations
and Equipment, Heating, Cooling and HVAC systems, Plumbing Systems,
Internal Combustion Engines, and Automotive Technology.

Graphics Designer

Specialised on design and layout for books, magazines, websites, fly-
ers and posters. Focused on the use of Open Source software for the
GNU/Linux platform. Developed expertise in typesetting using the Tex


Specialised on concert and event photography, as well as artistic and
experimental photography. Developed a strong background in optics and lens systems. Focused on the use of 35mm film SLR cameras and the
manual process of film development and printing.

State Conservatory of Northern Greece

Classical Music Theory and Harmony.

Guitar and Piano chosen as

Panorama Public High School

Senior High School Degree
Technological Branch.

University of Cambridge

Certificate of Proficiency in English
Language Skill Exam.

First certificate in English
Language Skill Exam.

Employment History

Disk mastering Engineer

Magnetic Fidelity

Duties include operating precision audio equipment, including vacuum
tube signal processing units, analog tape machines, and disk cutting
lathes on a daily basis, ordering supplies and consumables, calibrating
and maintaining all the equipment in the facility, and communicating
directly with customers.

Senior Engineer

Duties include designing unique and innovative electronic circuits and precision mechanical parts for professional audio equipment, designing products with the aim of exceptionally high performance and reliability in constant duty applications, researching and developing new technologies, researching component technology with the aim of identifying components that can be regarded as standards of performance and quality, and working within a team for designing complete products for the professional and consumer market.
Furthermore responsible for product and prototype testing, quality control, infrastructure maintenance, manufacturing and assembly operations, operation and maintenance of machine tools as well as communication with customers and provision of technical support.

Studio Designer

Magnetic Fidelity

Duties included designing a concept sound studio focused primarily on
analog mastering and media production, locating a suitable building,
running site surveys, designing the entire infrastructure (sound proofing,
acoustics, electrical installations, ventilation, HVAC system), designing
special equipment, purchasing audio equipment, requesting special modi-
fications to equipment, locating and purchasing tape machines and disk
cutting lathe, fully restoring them, and participating in construction work.
Responsible for putting everything together, extensive testing and com-
missioning the facility. Achieved excellent results with a limited budget.

Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Rural Culture Studios

Duties included recording, mixing and mastering audio, primarily using analog equipment and tape machines. Also assembled and operated GNU/Linux Digital Audio Workstation.

Location Recording Engineer

Analog Recording Lab

Duties included designing, constructing and operating a mobile analog recording studio. Responsible for setting up recordings on location, around Europe.

Freelance Lecturer

Lecturing at conferences and other events. Duties included travelling to
conferences in various countries around the world and holding lectures
on a variety of subjects ranging from professional audio to electronics.

University of Sheffield

Teaching Assistant, Studio Assistant

Duties included lecturing on topics ranging from Music Theory to Audio
Engineering and Music Technology, both at an undergraduate and post
graduate level. Also responsible for maintenance and research at the
University of Sheffield Sound Studios and working within a team for
setting up large multiple loudspeaker systems for multichannel sound
diffusion installations.

Tour Manager, Booking Agent, Driver, PA/Live Sound Engineer

FWRL Booking Agency

Duties included organising tours for artists, booking and negotiating
concert and performance arrangements, driving special purpose vehicles
transporting the artists, crew and equipment, researching and observ-
ing regulations in different countries, communicating with border and
customs officials, setting up custom Public Address Systems, as well as
making arrangements for optimal merchandise display and sales.

Mechanical Engineer, Automotive Service
Engineer, Fleet Manager

FWRL Engineering

Duties included maintaining, repairing and modifying vehicles for spe-
cial purposes, such as long-distance touring, live-in vehicles, mobile
workshops, and mobile studios, in a variety of countries. Respon-
sible for maintaining a small fleet of heavily modified vehicles used in
FWRL operations. Modifications commonly involved the development
and manufacturing of special parts with the goal of increasing reliabil-
ity in constant duty situations, increase fuel efficiency, reduce operator
fatique, increase speed/power and implementing special technologies
and equipment for mobile applications. An important aim was to ensure
compatibility with legal requirements and to ensure all vehicles would
pass safety inspections. Achieved a 100% inspection pass rate in the USA,
the UK, Germany and Greece.

Software Developer, Server Administrator,
Broadcast Engineer

The Otherside Web Platform

Duties included setting up and developing servers, hosting a web plat-
form consisting of a website, live chat interface, and an internet radio
station. Responsible for putting together custom hardware, programming
and maintaining Apache servers, mySQL databases, IRC servers, Icecast
internet broadcasting servers, as well as redundancy systems to reduce
downtime to a minimum. The Otherside Web Platform was entirely based
on GNU/Linux servers, greatly reducing software costs, while increasing
speed and efficiency.

Analog Electronic Circuit Designer

FWRL Electronics

Duties included designing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing of ana-
log electronic circuits for audio, ranging from vacuum tube amplification
and sound synthesis systems to solid state signal processing units.

FWRL Records
Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Duties include recording, mixing and mastering audio material for FWRL
Records releases, as well as seeking new talent to sign on the record label.

The Sheffield Dungeon

Recording Engineer, Service Engineer

Duties included overseeing the move of the studio facility from London
to Sheffield, setting up the new facility, maintaining and repairing all the
studio equipment, and recording/mixing audio.

Broadcast Engineer, Recording Engineer, Service Engineer

The Dungeon
Duties included recording and mixing audio, repairing audio electronics
and repairing/maintaining broadcast equipment for FM and internet-
radio stations, in the London area.


Duties included recording, mixing and mastering audio for the releases
on the Hairway Industries record label.

Touring Musician

Freelance Touring Musician

Duties included travelling and performing music with an ensemble in
front of an audience. Performances have been taken place in a wide range
of spaces, from Victorian symphonic Concert Halls in England, to garages
in Bosnia. Performed in over 20 countries during the course of a decade.
Released 16 albums of original music through record labels in the USA,
UK, and Slovenia.

Freelance Studio Designer

Duties include the complete design of audio facilities from an empty build-
ing up. This included acoustics design, special construction, selecting
and purchasing professional audio equipment, designing custom elec-
tronic equipment, designing noiseless HVAC and ventilation installations,
designing custom electrical installations, and performing the complete
installation and testing. Responsible for the design and construction
of nine professional audio facilities in Greece and England. Provided
turn-key solutions for recording, mixing and mastering studios as well as
for broadcasting facilities.

Freelance PA/Live Sound Engineer

Duties included designing, installing and operating custom sound installations in a variety of spaces.

Recording Engineer, Service Engineer, Electronics Designer

52 Studios

Duties included recording and mixing audio, maintaining and repairing
studio equipment, as well as designing and building guitar effects and
analog modular synthesizers.

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