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Harry Hirsch

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  • Educational Institutions - Educator

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  • Engineer
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Acoustician
  • Mixer
  • Recording Engineer


Harry Hirsch has pioneered the recording industry's technological evolution
since the beginning of his career. A successful musician with a natural ability to
understand and master new technology Hirsch was enamored with the studio
world. After establishing himself as a Recording Engineer & Mastering Engineer,
he went on to design, build and administer many World Class Studios in New
York City.
Under Hirsch's guidance MediaSound (Founder & Past President), SoundMixers
(Founder & Past President), GRP Records (Building Coordinator,Studios &
Conference Room) & SoundTrack/NY (Building Coordinator, ( three studios) have
hosted sessions for such World Class artists as Frank Sinatra,, Barbra Streisand,
Stevie Wonder, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Whitney Houston, Pink Floyd, The Who,
Billie Joel, The Bee Gees, David Bowie, Hall & Oates, Ella Fitzgerald, The Grateful
Dead, John Lennon, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, & Diana Ross.
One of the earliest proponents of digital technology, Harry Hirsch was the Re-Issue
Producer of twenty Duke Ellington Albums. The first ten were for Little Major
Records called "The Private Collection". He later collaborated with Mercer Ellington
for ten more.
1981 brought Harry to the field of Education. He joined Center for the Media Arts, a
Technical Trade School in NYC. He created the Curriculum and was appointed Dean
of the Audio Arts Program. This unique school was one of the first to provide
individual work stations for Music Recording, Mixing, Editing & Equipment
Maintenance. That year Hirsch was appointed Adjunct Professor at NYU, lecturing
for the Music Technology Program.
In 1994 Hirsch expanded his area of expertise to encompass the world of Electronic
Media. He created Digi-Rom, Inc. offering one-stop full production services and
replication for Audio CD, CD Rom, DVD, & Vinyl. Digi-ROM was sold in 2004.
In 2007 Hirsch Edited (using Final Cut Pro) 100 video interviews of the most famous
people in the Professional Audio Industry for The Audio Engineering Society. Called,
" The Oral History Project" he donated 100 master DVD's to be sold in their store.
Harry Hirsch has served The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The
Grammy's) as First Vice President (NY Chapter) twice. National Trustee twice. He is a
founding member of SPARS. He was appointed Chairman of the Historical Events
Committee for the 2005, 2007 & 2009 Audio Engineering Society Convention at the
NYC Javits Center. He is frequently invited to lecture revisiting his life's experiences
called "MY STORY" Inside the Recording Industry with Harry Hirsch at Universities &
Colleges, Government Agencies & Musical Organizations.

AES Awards

In 2011, Harry Hirsch was presented with the AES Fellowship Award in recognition of over 50 years of pioneering work in the recording industry and important contributions to the Audio Engineering Society’s Oral History Project.

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