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Dario D'Orazio

Dario D'Orazio

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  • Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Hearing - Architectural Acoustics
  • Live Sound - Concert Sound
  • Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Hearing - Hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention
  • Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Hearing - Measurement and Instrumentation
  • Educational Institutions - Educator

Job Duties:

  • Researcher
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Engineer


Researcher on audio digital signal processing, autocorrelation-based analysis and, more in general, development of new algorithms in the room acoustic impulse response analysis.

Non-AES Awards & Award Nominations

Barducci Prize 2013 from Italian Association of Acoustics (AIA) in March 2013, Grant to researches on acoustics.
Sacerdote Prize 2012 from Italian Association of Acoustics (AIA) in July 2012, Best Italian PhD Thesis in acoustics.
Best Paper at 4th International Symposium on Temporal Design

Education Background

PhD Energy Nuclear and Environmental at University of Bologna in 2011. Dissertation: The effective duration of the autocorrelation function of a sound signal: calculation methods, relationship with cognitive models and relevance on the subjective preference theory.
MSc Electronic Engineer at University of Bologna in 2007. Dissertation: Implementation of binaural measurement system.

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