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Antonio Ricossa

Antonio Ricossa

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Audio Fields:

  • Recording Industry - Post Production
  • Recording Industry - Film/Video Sound
  • Broadcasting - Studio
  • Broadcasting - Television Sound
  • Live Sound - Concert Sound
  • Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Hearing - Measurement and Instrumentation
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Software
  • Educational Institutions - Educator

Job Duties:

  • Sound Designer
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Educator
  • Mixer
  • Production Sound Mixer/Sound Recordist
  • Technical Director



CineuraniA plays with his high professional activities since 2004 in film, television and CD recordings.

CineuraniA born from the long experience of Antonio Ricossa began in 1990 in Bassano del Grappa with director Ermanno Olmi continued with Pupi Avati, Citto Maselli, Silvano Agosti and many other important directors and television presenters.

Today Antonio Ricossa is Vice president of ATIC (Associazione Tecnica Italiana per la Cinematografia e la Televisione) was founded in 1947 and has seen and sees among its members leading names in our cinema and television. In this capacity in 2008 Antonio Ricossa was named by "Istituto di Stato per la Cinematografia - Roberto Rossellini", as Commissioner of the exam.

CineuraniA today is an important partner of "Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia", where Antonio Ricossa is a professor of psychoacoustics and sound aesthetics.

At different moments sabbatical that Antonio Ricossa is imposed both before founding CineuraniA than later. The aim is to keep constantly updated and kept up to date throughout the supply chain of services that will guarantee CineuraniA. It 'important that the biennium 1994-1996 Antonio Ricossa invests to achieve the title of Sound Engineering at the "Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia" with a score of 98/100. The path to professional updates has touched many aspects including those related to occupational safety and first aid to get to the most important and current technological aspects. And 'last obtaining the certificate of the Technical Satellite Platforms achieved in Rome in 2008 and released by the European Community.

From contact with excellent teachers Ricossa Antonio founded CineuraniA . The intent is to try to bring the high level of professionalism in the production chain to ensure technical and economical optimization.

In the area of record CineuraniA works to ensure a proper listening room of musical mixes designing the acoustic environment. Very satisfied of the work done the singer Samuele Bersani wanted to convey his thanks to public CineuraniA.

In the field of film and television productions CineuraniA works to ensure that you follow carefully and comply with the Rules and Recommendations of the technical WORKFLOW. CineuraniA actively involved, and not just as a supervisor, the organization of teams and technical equipment. The intent is to ensure not only optimization of time and cost, but also to avoid unpleasant production slowdowns caused by the lack of compliance with technical rules are useful to avoid unpleasant disruptions during processing.
(Section teachers in Milan department of "Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia")

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