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Nadja Wallaszkovits, President

Nadja Wallaszkovits, President

For over 70 years, the Audio Engineering Society has held its position as the leading worldwide professional society devoted to audio technology.

I became associated with the AES for the first time in the early days of my audio education when a professor recommended that I join the Society and invited me to attend the local section’s meetings. I was immediately excited – it was my first chance to meet the well-respected audio professionals of our country, to listen to their presentations, discuss current topics and become involved in the community.

The ultimate thrill followed, when I attended an International AES Convention for the first time! As a student volunteer at the Vienna Convention in 1992, I stood marveling with big wide eyes in front of the largest mixing consoles I had ever seen. All the famous manufacturers were exhibiting their latest products, and all the gear I admired was now physically set up directly in front of me! I could even touch it, explore it, get instructions how to use it to improve sound – I felt like a real professional!

This powerful impression and experience profoundly impacted my professional life and has deeply linked me with AES.

Nowadays, though technology has evolved from analogue to digital and equipment has shrunken to plug-ins and software, the excitement is still the same.

AES is where you can meet audio professionals, manufacturer’s personnel, educators, academic researchers, students, colleagues and friends! It is the combination of world-leading scientific contributions, educational events, and industry connections that gives you the opportunity to “Listen, Learn and Connect”!

Our community comprises 87 professional sections and 131 student sections, and a growing, diverse and inclusive membership, numbering over 12,000 persons worldwide. Committed volunteers serve in several dedicated working groups like the specialty themed Technical Councils and the various organizational Committees. AES is where industry standards are created! Our large number of highly engaged contributors, exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers is helping to organize and shape the performance of our outstanding events, such as the International Conventions and Conferences, regional and local meetings, as well as our scientific resources, represented by the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, our online e-Library – now housing over 17,000 articles containing the full history of audio research and theory alongside the latest advances in science and practice – and the hundreds of interviews and tutorials in the growing AES Live: Videos series.

Times change and new technologies arise – AES is on top of it. Our range of disciplines and expertise is rapidly growing and expanding into new fields, like audio for electronic games, automotive audio technology, immersive sound, audio for VR and AR, internet-based audio, digital audio networking and many more emerging applications that are adding to the diversity of options for those individuals interested in professional audio as a career.

AES offers a unique, collegial community – which stays connected both virtually through the AES website and Journal, social media and in-person through our many events. There’s one further point, something unique about our community and passion, that I’d like to emphasize: audio creates emotions! I want you to share in the experience.

I cordially welcome you to join in and participate. Together, let’s carry forward the traditions and shape the future of the Audio Engineering Society!

Nadja Wallaszkovits
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