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Andres Mayo, President

Andres Mayo, President

2014 December, Vol 62 No. 12

It’s my true pleasure to greet you as incoming President of our beloved Audio Engineering Society. Those of you who were able to attend the recent 137th Convention in Los Angeles may concur that the AES is back in great shape. An army of volunteers under the leadership of our convention chairs, Michael MacDonald and Valerie Tyler, made it possible to have 350+ top-notch presenters throughout the four days of the event. And our exhibit floor, covered with the stands of over 300 high-profile companies and mobbed by 15,000+ attendees, proved the indisputable support that we currently receive from the industry.

So what’s next? We still need to adapt to the radical changes that our business models suffered during the past 15 years due to miniaturization of audio and the inexpensive access to technology and knowledge. But the good news is that we have learned a lot from the experience, and we know exactly what our strengths are. And the two words that instantly come to mind are Education and Networking. You simply can’t be a respected audio pro in today’s world without one of those assets, and the AES provides both.

My own example demonstrates this. I was raised in Argentina, quite far away from the “center of the technology world.” I have always been proactive enough to create my own networks, but if it wasn’t for the AES I could have never reached out to the huge amount of wisdom available in our industry, nor could I have met such amazing personalities who definitely changed my professional life for ever.

The fact that I have been elected at this particular moment in the history of the AES represents to me, aside from the indisputable honor of being the first Latin American to serve as president, the challenge of showing the world what I have learned in times of crisis: we may be facing the biggest opportunity of our life as a Society.

Did you know that the Chinese language uses the same ideograph for the English words Crisis and Opportunity? Now, together, let’s think about how to take advantage of this moment. I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Andres Mayo
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